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 Atena P. Chasmharte

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Atena P. Chasmharte


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PostSubject: Atena P. Chasmharte    Wed Apr 11, 2012 3:39 pm

Character Application





Atena is very good at mind games and can easily fool a person because she knows them well. This why she tends to be a manipulative person whe's coldly intent on finishing something up, because what she wants done, will be done. She prefers to be called a social engineer rather than a manipulative jerk, however, because she usually manipulates people to help other people. And, she does feel guilty often at times for it. Atena is very flexible and balanced as a fighter and is pretty well-rounded when she brawls, which is not often because she, of course is a lady. And, ladies don't fight unless if it's totally necessary. So, she's rusty on that fighting concept.
Atena often has trouble controlling her emotions and thoughts. She's a straight-talker but that often leads to bad things. Her usual berserk button is when she ends up doing something totally unwanted, and so cries it off for a week or so. It's impossible to blame the young lady though. Ever since puberty, her life was an emotional roller-coaster. So, she puts up a calm, blank facade in order to hind the weakness. But, it's still there. It always will be. As for her physical weaknesses, there's only a few. Because she's a jack of all trades, she can't really ever specialize in any sort of physical talent, so it's an ill-fated omen if she faces a specialist in one area. She also has trouble getting her body to move how she wants it to because she has a medium muscle tone, more so leaning to the low muscle tone because she doesn't get out a lot.
Weapons: Atena uses guns most of the time. All sorts because with ranged, it's safer. But, if she has to fight melee, a naginata would suffice.


Personality: Atena has a unique personality. it's a literal oxymoron. She represents childish purity but uses sinful, forbidden tactics to get her way. So, her morality is chaotic, always shifting so quickly and drastically. She usually comes off as elegant and refined but can be a savage misanthropic beast if teased too much. Like a child, she accepts most things without asking. But, when she inquires, she takes her area of interest to a whole new level of sophistication. Atena believes in the good of all people but she understands their failures. Atena is self-confident and understands her graceful beauty, using it to her advantage. But,s he would never boast about it. Although she can be very cruel, she's concerned about the people who are close to her. She's not fond of interacting with people, however, she can imitate a social butterfly pretty well. Atena has so much good will, but how she acquires the accomplishment of her goals is very frowned upon, and considered cruel and unusual, due to her merits within the world of social manipulation. She's very devoted to her loved ones, however, it could be said that she's in love with falling in love.

Likes: Friends, chess, cake, tea, and all sorts of animals

Dislikes: Ex-friends, boredom, failure, and hatred

Fears: Failure, disappointment, hatred


Atena Perrine Chasmharte was born into a family of wealthy merchants: Tristan Lucas Chasmharte and Alexandria Seraphine Kingsford Chasmharte. She was the only daughter of her family. Her younger brother's name is Simon. She lives with both of her parents in the Lavender Manor, around the outskirts of the castle and upon rolling hills near the Main Plaza because they were wealthy enough to afford so . Her parents married young, being fifth cousins, at the ages of 15 (Kingsford) and 19 (Chasmharte). Only a year after their marriage, Atena was born. Atena's family are wealthy upper middling sort but there are several (like thirty or so) nobles holding higher ranks than them, despite them being some of the richest people in the area, thus having the Chasmhartes hold grudges against those who aren't their friends. The family profits from the father being a merchant for herbs and tea leaves, and is very popular internationally, despite trheir ancestors severing ties with the Purans. Atena comes from a very social family and has learned proper etiquette. She is yet to be engaged, because her father is very picky about suitors. The entire family hopes for her to marry into a family of a higher status. However, if necessary, they aspire for her husband to be an earl, at least. Atena understands that in actuality, she has nearly less worth than a vicereine and aspires to avoid becoming one. Her lifestyle has been lavish so far, and sheltered, causing her to have a childish demeanor. Young Atena often at times brings supplies of tea leaves to all the grand galas with the royals to the commoners' simple Christmas parties. So, she knows plenty of people.

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Atena P. Chasmharte
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