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 The Colorful, Jubilant Life of a Circus Performer

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Seymour De Fray

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PostSubject: The Colorful, Jubilant Life of a Circus Performer   Fri Feb 10, 2012 7:53 pm





Seymour will make friends of all different shapes and backgrounds. Practically anyone who crosses his path is his friend for life. There are however, exeptions to this personality trait. Seymour is outgoing, friendly, and yet, sensitive. He may be forgiving of mistakes, but considering the feline blood coursing through his veins, he has a bit of a survival instinct, and although it isn't strong, being a mere house cat hairan, he can tell when a heart is corrupt. He may not understand it himself, but he has a natural fear of dark eyll's, as well as any dark heart that presents itself to him.
It's almost unfathomable to think Seymour would make an enemy of anyone, but he will make an enemy of dark intentions. Should anyone bring harm to his friends, or cause themanything bad, he will stand up for them, no matter how much fear lingers within himself. Perhaps once matured, his ability to hate will grow. Only time will tell.
It is far too soon for love in a romantic sense for Seymour, but he is, if you will, a stray, left on the streets to fend for himself. It's family he needs, or at least some form of guidance. He needs someone who'll look after him, who he can look up to. Whether he realizes it or not, his life with the circus is over, and now it is time to turn over, anew.

Notable People:


Declan, better known as "Boss" to his circus performers, is the owner and host of the traveling circus from which Seymour was raised. He's just like any typical corrupted man; greedy, self-centered, and lustful towards temptations and material things. In the big top, he's on top, and don't anybody question it. You stay with the pack for as long as you prove useful; the second your profitability drops, is the second your kicked. That's how Declan managed to get so far in the business. He's only in it for the money, and seeing as how he has little skill outside the world of entertainment, the circus life was something he settled with a long time ago. When Seymour was still a part of their traveling caravan, Declan spent a portion of his profits on keeping Seymour comfortable and happy. He thought as long as the kid was happy, his customers would be happy. He liked to try and make Seymour see him as a fatherly figure of sorts, but in truth, Declan only ever used the boy to bring in customers. Not many of his competetors had a creature as freakish as Seymour before after all. Seymour, the feline Hairan, was a hit, after all. The only thing Delcan missed in Seymour's absence was the profit. In Delcan's spare time, he has a tendency to gamble (sometimes cheating) and drinking as well as... entertaining himself with the local ladies, so don't let his devilish smirk fool you. He may be a mere Anusia, but aside from his love of cards, he's a master of tricks and illusions.


Ea is, indeed, one of the performers in the clown act, and for that very reason, he knew Seymour well. He was one of the performers in charge of looking after the boy, actually. But Ea is not like all the other clowns, believe it or not. Behind that awful makeup is the mind of a slippery snake, capable of wearing many 'faces' or 'acts'. He was quite able to gain Seymour's naive trust, given that he knew Seymour ever since the young boy was brought into the circus. For a small additional payment to his salary, Ea has become the Boss's eyes and ears in the circus.


Bona, the fortune teller. Her personality is exactly what one would expect of a fortune teller. She has no real talent in the occupation, but she does a pretty good job at convincing her customers otherwise. She's probably one of the few who treated Seymour with sincere kindness. She's in the business to make a living, if she had any other choice, she'd be making a living off something more modest. Unfortunately, she's stuck where she is. She does, however, enjoy the traveling. She never was fit for civilized society, so being on the move all the time, with people who accept her the way she is, is not quite as bad as she would have thought when she first started out. She is cousins with Ea, but they are not close.


The puppet master. She'll converse in civilized conversation, but typically, Clove will just stick to her puppets. Even after hours, she's completely antisocial. Her puppets are her friends, and on the occasion that she does have to speak to another human being, she talks with her puppets. Nonetheless, she is a profit to the circus, and they accept her for who she is.


Cirocco is what you would call, the circus's personal animal trainer. He trains them, and leads them in the performances, anything from horses to elephants, even to lions or tigers. He's the best the circus has ever had, but unbenownst to any of his fellow performers, he is not Anusia, or human; he is a dark eyll. He has the gift of persuasion, both verbally and non-verbally. He can convince Anusia's and animals of lies they would not normally believe, persuade them to do things they normally wouldn't. Although his voice is a strong tool of persuasion, the true power of his gift lies in his eyes. One look and he can persuade you to do anything, without even a word. This power only works well on Anusia and animals, but is faulty against eylls. Any being with at least a portion of dark eyll blood has some level of resistance against his power. Hairans, who have the blood of both Anusia and animal, are especially vulnerable to him. For this very reason, Seymour was like Cirocco's puppet for the longest time, doing his bidding and then not even remembering it thereafter. Over a long period of time, any creature can develop a defense against Cirocco, but this is only if he uses ability on an individual often enough. Seymour never could fight it, nor was he ever aware of it, but he had this gut feeling that kept Seymour from seeing Cirocco often.

Current Relations:

Friends: Airen Adler

Enemies: None as of yet, thank goodness.

Love/Family: None.

(Any and all characters mentioned here besides Seymour himself is available as a character request.)
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The Colorful, Jubilant Life of a Circus Performer
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