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 A Heavy Burden, Graciously Carried (Open)

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Iris Dimitriou

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PostSubject: A Heavy Burden, Graciously Carried (Open)   Thu Sep 22, 2011 11:55 pm

Iris was sitting, alone in her quaters, at her desk, enjoying the peace and quiet. Her eyes were closed as she twirled her hair around her fingers. Though she'd still be able to sense if anyone was approaching from outside, she still had the nervous thought that somebody would burst through the door at any moment with an emergency or important matter of some sort.

Could she really have been foolish enough to feel relieved that her bretheren dark eyll hadn't been as active as usual? She had thought it would mean less work and more rest for her, but her people didn't want to relax. Many were worried about letting her guard down, thought that they needed as much information as possible. That being said, most of her time was spent signing off approvals for investigation missions and whatnot, and she felt more like a puppet than the leader of her people. Maybe that's what her job really was. The wants and needs of her people were indeed significant after all.
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A Heavy Burden, Graciously Carried (Open)
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