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 Amadeus, Arcane

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PostSubject: Amadeus, Arcane   Fri Aug 12, 2011 12:52 pm

Character Application



12FemaleLight Eyll


Ability: She can go with little to no oxygen for a long amount of time. She can't smell or taste. She also can't swim or float in deep water, only sink.
Arcane has excellent problem-solving skills. She can learn new soluttions quickly and is eager to use them as often as possible. Overall, her use of strategy and her incredible memorization is excellent.
She also is very flexible. Arcane is very stable as well.
She cannot focus on one object, topic, etcetera, very well. She finds it very hard to focus on one thing so it makes her an easy target. Her guard is down far too much.
Arcane also is very sensitive to noises, some even giving her head-aches and crippling her.
Weapons: She has a set of two silver daggers, her favorite weapons. However, if those are not with her, rarely, she uses a falchion.


Personality: Arcane is a definite loner. She does not like to speak and she will only speak if she is meant to reply to something, or she has a really important question. Arcane is very distrustful, even to those who care about her. Still, she is very polite to everyone she meets and is more than happy to help anyone if they need the help that she is capable of giving. She always seems emotionless, as if she has a dead heart or something. However, her emotions are very powerful, too strong. Therefore, Acane represses these feelings. She does it so well, she can't even tell if she has any emotions. She's like a computer, programed with one function that cannot be deleted or modified. No new functions can be added. Her function is to help others, and it wouldn't change.

Likes: Extremely cold water and temperatures, silence, nocturnal time periods, being busy, and cleaness

Dislikes: Being forced to stop doing something, grains, meat, and any sort of man-made heat

Fears: Heights, betrayal, and harsh cruelty


Arcane has been found alone, deserted in the cold. Arcane was from a family of three. They all looked very similar to her, the only differences were that her father had green eyes and her mother had blue. As a young child, Arcane was abandoned by her parents, their reasons left not specified. Arcane didn't seem to mind not even one bit. She seemed to be mute. Arcane was born to a not so wealthy family of Light Eylls, she looks so much like them. Arcane lived in solitude for an unknown amount of time before a woman took her in, pitying the girl. The woman trained her strictly to be as stoic as she is now. However, she did not become cold hearted, like the woman planned to make her to be. That woman, wanted Arcane to become a witch. However, Arcane did not specialize in that magic. She was named after the name on that scarf she wore when her care-taker first met her. Her ast name is the name of her favorite god. Not much is known about her life before she met that woman. Arcane soon leftt he woman and tried to fend off for her own. However, now, she has no one to turn to. Even though she doesn't admit it, she longs fro someone to confide in and to befriend. Apparently, Arcane often looks like she barely sleeps. It's because she doesn't like to. Although it doesn't show in the picture, Arcane is meant to have lavender skin.

Other Characters: None

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Ryenne Avon

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PostSubject: Re: Amadeus, Arcane   Sat Aug 13, 2011 9:21 am


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PostSubject: Re: Amadeus, Arcane   Sat Aug 13, 2011 1:47 pm

((OOC: Thank you. I was looking for a place for Arcane start in. However, I am not exactly sure where. I was thinking of a place with water, such as the Rentka River and the Shishee Bay. Is that fine? Okay. I decided to do the Rentka River. Then, I should....Wait for other people to join in? This is a Roleplaying site after all.))
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PostSubject: Re: Amadeus, Arcane   

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Amadeus, Arcane
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