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 Food For A Siren (Open)

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Echosong Syren

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PostSubject: Food For A Siren (Open)   Sun Jul 10, 2011 7:36 pm

It was a quiet day around the Death Tree. A few souls would wander outside of their wooden prison, but most stayed inside, mulling around aimlessly. They became agitated, however, when they heard familiar footsteps approaching.

Syren made her way over to the famed tree. She stayed far enough away so that she wouldn't be affected by the tree's otherworldly powers, but close enough to the souls. A metal collar and chain clad her neck. Syren sighed and stared at the souls. They were in an almost frenzy now, wailing and floating around. They knew the prisoner, and they knew that she would steal their energy. Sure, they would bounce back, but Syren was sure it wasn't a pleasant experience for the deceased.

The redhead took another step closer, closing her eyes and opening her arms, preparing to devour those who hadn't really passed on.
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Food For A Siren (Open)
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