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 Fallon, Kaniya

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Kaniya Fallon

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PostSubject: Fallon, Kaniya   Sun Jul 10, 2011 6:50 pm

Character Application





Due to her sword mastery, Kaniya has excellent coordination and aim plus she has always been highly intelligent due to her weak health from always being stuck inside to do nothing but read books.
Weakness: Kaniya has always been a sickly child since birth but got better over the years but she still is in weak health and has a dreadful fear of thunder.

Weapons: Kaniya is a sword master so she always has a set of hidden daggers strapped to her legs, plus her set of katanas, and a few guns which she does not use unless it's necessary.


Personality: Kaniya has mastered the saying of being cool, calm, collected though even she sometimes even breaks and will start to yell if something gets on her nerves. She has high tolerance for anything even annoyance but if someone does break her, she will raise her voice and scold them. She's stubborn, straight-forward and isn't afraid to speak her mind but holds great loyal and respect to those around her like the queen. She is a work-a-holic but even she knows when she must stop and take a break though she never likes it. She seems to be overly obsessed with being organized even through it all, Kaniya is very kind and will help those around her if they ask for it.

Likes: Working, books, quiet, organization, etc.

Dislikes: Distractions, being sick, failure, etc.

Fears: Thunder


The Fallon family are a family located in the castle which are normally raised as servants to the royal family but Kaniya is a special child from her branch of the family of five of her two older brothers and her parents and she is only special since she was born a sickly child. Her mother had to balance taking care of the sick Kaniya while also taking care of everything else in the castle that she was ordered to which wasn't an easy job for her leaving Kaniya alone most of the time when she was able to. Kaniya understood this clearly and never disliked her mother because of it. Kaniya was a quiet girl since she was young but just like her parents and siblings had high respect for the royal blood and other families and tried to be of help in anyway she can but one day, her elder brother told her she should just stop helping around and being a nuisance. She did as she was told and just sat and watched her mother run in and out doing chores day in and day out until she decided to no longer but a nuisance to anyone and got her hands on a book. That's when she took her life in her own hands and decided to make something of herself. By reading the books, she learned sword mastery, basic knowledge, etc. and even learned some ways to improve her own health which she did and was finally able to be of help. She was smarter than the average servant not to mention a master swordsman so she was capable of being more than a servant but decided that she would follow her family name and be one though it did not last long.

Kaniya was found out by her parents of her high intellect and knowledge from her brother asking questions about the different topics which she easy answered and got Kaniya to be the assistant of the queen which Kaniya still has no idea how they did or what happened to the original one. Now, Kaniya helps the queen anyway she can and tries to keep in good health so she can always do her job and be able to assistant the queen when necessary so she won't be a nuisance.

Other Characters: Ivory Smythe

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Ryenne Avon

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PostSubject: Re: Fallon, Kaniya   Sun Jul 10, 2011 9:13 pm


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Fallon, Kaniya
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