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 Avon, Enya and Devlin

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Enya Devlin Avon

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PostSubject: Avon, Enya and Devlin   Sun Jul 10, 2011 4:06 pm

Character Application



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As long as Enya is with her brother, she has an uncanny ability to speak her mind, no matter the consequences. She has a very strong-willed mind, but that happens to be a small flame that can easily put out. Devlin has a talent for combat. His protective personality has led him to work hard at becoming physically strong. He has not had enough time to become skilled with the sword, but he's started learning. Together, these twins are always in perfect sinc. They've grown up so well together that it's almost as if they share the same mind.
When driven apart, the twins become anxious and sometimes even panicked. Individually, Enya begins to feel more doubtful of herself; she becomes timid and more aware of her faults, such as her incapability to be as perfect as her mother. Devlin feels more prone to weakness as well, but in the sense that if Enya needs him, he won't be able to reach her in time. Without their father, Devlin feels it's his responsibility to take care of the family.
Weapons: Neither of the twins are accustomed to carrying weapons, as they feel safe enough without, but Devlin has his training sword tucked away in his room foor safe-keeping.


Personality: When together, the twins are a troublesome bunch. They pick and poke fun at others around them for their own personal entertainment. But their need to be with eachother is also their curse. They're afraid to let anyone between them, so over time, they've grown the habit of acting repulsive and obnoxious to push people away. Aside from their mother, they could care less about anyone else.

But when they are alone, a little more of their natural personalities surface. Enya's fiery attitude seems to dissolve and she becomes much more hesitant in even the most simplest of tasks. Instead of ignoring what everyone thinks about her, she becomes haunted by it. Deep down she wants to be like her mother, but she doesn't believe it's possible. She's more of a tom-boy than a princess, and prone to challenge herself to do anything her brother can do. As far as she's concerned, anything he can do, she can too. Devlin acts pretty quiet when he's around his sister, but when alone, he tends to be a very intellectual person. He learns easily, unlike his sister, but then again, he doesn't have any particular goal other than taking care of his sister.

Likes: Toying with other people, challenges or games, pranks.

Dislikes: Interracting pleasantly with others, their nurse, and depressing personalities.

Fears: Separation


Since they were born, Enya and Devlin have almost never been apart.they've grown to believe they can't possibly live without eachother because they've been together for so long. As long as they have eachother, no one else matters to them. There are two people who have always been there for the twins, whether they liked it or not; their mother, and their nurse. The nurse, an old lady named Genevieve, has been trying to teach them proper etiquette all their life. They tend to think negatively of the strict, cranky old woman, but she's been a good teacher to them, despite how little they listen. Now that they're teenagers, the nurse has tried to gently separate them so they can become their own person, but the twins have reacted defiantly. The twins are so close that once, when Devlin broke his leg, Enya nearly threw herself down a flight of stairs in order to share his pain. Thankfully the maids had been close by and had restrained her, but when the twins panic, they're a danger to themselves and those around them. Devlin has not been aware of it, but because of Enya's tomboy attitude, it's a challenge for her to act like a proper princess; she's clumsy in high heels, she hates dresses, and prefers flat shoes. She has no idea how to make her hair presentable either.

Other Characters: Iris Dimitriou, Taka Miyazaki, and Seymour De Fray

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Ryenne Avon

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PostSubject: Re: Avon, Enya and Devlin   Sun Jul 10, 2011 4:50 pm


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Avon, Enya and Devlin
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