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 Gannon, Gandrake

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Gandrake Gannon


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PostSubject: Gannon, Gandrake   Thu Jun 30, 2011 3:52 am

Character Application





Gandrake's ability is that related to his animal side, which is a 'Raven' a pure black bird, but his 'Raven' nature is clean not like the other birds. Meaning he is a fair fighter and has times where he can't help being fair. This ability of Gandrake's is he can control the wind making it blow up or down. Sideways as well but these are all varied for he has black wings which of course are shown. This ability drain his stamina which leaves him exhausted if used to much.
Flying, Sight, Martial Arts. Mentally, he is able to tell who is a threat and who is not. This varies depending on how open or closed off the people are.
Gandrake can not stand when people are being pushed around or bullied. This is his mental weakness for when someone is being harrassed and no one helps it is his minds response to step in to try and help the person. Physically, his wings are rather sensitive which means if someone accidently bumps into his wings and or pull his feathers he will most likely scream out in pain.
Weapons:Gandrake is a man that will use any kind of weapon on hand but he will most likely use a sword but this has changed, will be explained later in history and so his main weapon is now a spear.


Personality: Gandrake is a kind, warm, gentle man as well as being a bit silent. He is rather sensitive about others as well as himself. Distant but in a good way he is keen on making others feel good even if he doesn't. Knightly in nature almost, he will fight for what is right and never wrong. If wrong however it would most likely kill him emotionally. He is a character that is mature and wise and tends to stick up for the weak even if out numbered. Due to his distant nature, he tends to hide his face with a hood or some kind of blanket like shawl and since his other natures are a little to over the limit of normal. Gandrake's sensitivity is over normal and tends to take jokes harsh if said about him however. Gandrake is a mystery and he tries his up most best to make other peoples lives meaningful, if someone is lost he would most likely keep them with him until who knows when. To put it simple, Gandrake is a mystery in his own right and tends to show little emotion for if he lets to much out it would probably snap back and hit him in the face like a wet gloove. Gandrake's animal nature seems to be laid back but will show itself when he is placed in bad situations meaning he would bare 'talons' which are his fist and or spear. He loves his friends and his loved more to anything in the world. Meaning his feelings for friends, lovers, and allies are as pure as gold for he would never betray them and even would die for them.
More about his personality will be explained and who knows maybe new ones will be discovered.

Likes: Gandrake adores many things. Horses, Coffee and Hot chocolate. Seem to be his favorites but he likes about everything else. Due to his raising he isn't much of a picky man.

Dislikes: Gandrake hates violence of all kinds even animal abuse. He seems to hate when kids are bullied as well as his friends and loved ones the worst.

Fears: Gandrake fears of doing wrong things as well as his friends and loved ones death the most. Also, he fears of being back stabbed or betrayed as well.


Gandrake's family was small, they lived in a village far away from other villages. Meaning he lived in the middle of now where. His mother was deathly ill and his father was on a trip to find a potion or medicine to cure her. Gandrake was of course little, at this time and 6 months passed before he knew it. Gandrake was about 7 at least, his wings were visible not that his mother cared. She loved him very much and sadly that was all she could give in her bed. One night, she passed away leaving Gandrake to live all alone. The next morning his father had returned and was devastated to know that she died before he could give the medicine to her and to discover he was to late. Gandrake's father looked like Gandrake very much and they were identical including the wings. His father took his son and left there home and to make it worse they burned it to the ground so no one would know of what happened there.

Traveling was hard for the both of them for many people didn't know what to think of their looks, Gandrake now 9 seemed to be cautious as well as easily frightened due to all the bullying he had recieved along their travels. It became bad one day when his father didn't know what else to do for they lived under a bridge, this wasn't a right place for both of them to live and so he placed his son into a camp or in more terms placed him under a schooling of a mentor who would teach him the ways of a better life. Gandrake hugged his father while he was placed on the train with his mentor as his father watched it depart. Never did he see his father again for that was the last time. Gandrake and his mentor got along well and now he was 15, in a Anusia town he was taught of ways of spending money. How things worked as well as how others want to be treated. Gandrake's mentor let him go after teaching him these things as well as seeing he could stand up for himself. That was where Gandrake traveled to the next place which seemed to make him the way he is now.

A small town of small people took him in and they were glad to know that he could fight. At this time he had a sword which was given to him by his mentor which was purchased by his father. Taking on bandits and other brutes by himself he protected the town well. One winter day however that all changed when the bandit's boss with a large number of thugs came into two and even though he was outnumbed he fought until his sword broke which in turn placed him into a emotional trance. That was the only thing that was closed to his father as well as reminding him of his father. The bandit boss took a hold of him and showed him the town going up in the flames which broke him more then he has ever been hurt. Right then and there the bendit said to him 'You are weak' those words were the last that he heard before passing out. Waking up the chilly morning he left the ashes of the town with the shattered remains of his sword, upon traveling he found a blacksmith which forged his sword into a spear which was sturdy and is said to live a lot longer even though it is just a item/ weapon. Now, Gandrake is 28 and has arrived here. Wearing clothes which of course he made for himself, he is confident of living his life better thanks to his mentor. Almost all the time, Gandrake will be seen shirtless as well as bare footed for he is trying to get back in his animal ways which of course is his 'Raven' DNA relation. Gandrake's mother as well as his father were both a 'Raven' DNA creation which means to say that Gandrake is a pureblood hairan if that even matters.

Other Characters: De Marchen Gostuv, Haruka Alcotte.

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Gannon, Gandrake
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