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 Syren, Echosong

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Echosong Syren

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PostSubject: Syren, Echosong   Mon Jun 27, 2011 3:09 pm

Character Application



17FemaleDark Eyll


Echosong is somewhat like a siren, if you will. Although she doesn’t have a fish tail or bird wings, her voice is used either to enchant people or to use as a sonic blast. Sonic blasts appear as multiple black crescents flying from her mouth.
Mentally, Echosong is pretty good at puzzles that you put together to make a picture. Physically, Echosong is good at picking locks with her talons.
While Echosong is able to use her voice as a power, it costs a tremendous amount of energy to do so. To gain such energy, she must always make trips to a place populated by souls to take energy from them. She does this before any show she is performing at, or before any big fight she’s attending. It doesn’t ‘kill’ the souls, but makes them significantly weaker. Physically, Echosong is unable to defend herself. She is skinny and knows no martial arts, is unable to hold a sword, and is basically terrible at fighting. She prefers to stand in the background and pick at people.
Weapons: A piece of glass that she keeps in her back pocket. Although she can’t kill someone with it, it’s enough to let her stab someone and make a break for it.


Personality: Echosong is a strange individual. While she enjoys sitting back and just relaxing, she can’t help being mean, it’s in her nature. She’ll pick and pry away someone’s defenses and mess with the mushy stuff underneath. Even though she doesn’t go out and necessarily look for trouble, she loves it when it comes her way. If you get past her layer of mean, it’s her layer of ‘I’m only going to hurt you’ underneath. Echosong isn’t very good at controlling her emotions, and she knows it, and it makes her feel as if she is a dangerous person. Only her really close friends see who she is deep deep DEEP down. Way in the bottom of her heart, all Echosong wants to do is please, and to actually have someone that she doesn’t feel the need to pick on or can deflect her mean jokes.

Likes: Raspberries, Performing, Lounging Around, and Poking at People

Dislikes: People Touching Her Neck, People Who Laugh at Her, the Ringmaster

Fears: Being Left Alone Somewhere, Open Spaces


Dark Eyll are a rather common occurrence, in Kuroi. Therefore, Echosong isn’t that much of a different individual. Both of her parents were Dark Eyll, but she never knew them. At the age of four, Echosong wandered away from her parents to go to a local carnival. Captivated by the lights, the young girl wandered around and took in the sights. The carnival wasn’t of the happy go lucky sort. Called ‘The Dark Woods Circus’, the carnival was set up as a freak show side acts. They would take anyone out of the not-so-ordinary-ordinary and recruit them into the circus. Deformed beings, people with special talents, or anyone that seemed to have an entertainment factor. Even as a child, Echosong’s want to please and love of anything strange or even slightly cruel brought her to the circus. After watching a woman with goat legs dance and sing, the ringmaster approached her and asked where her mother was.
Being the honest little thing she was, Echosong told the man about how she had left her parents to see what was going on in the mysterious circus. The ringmaster offered the young girl something she couldn’t refuse, a tea party in the back tent. It was in that very tent that Echosong learned that she had the ability to use her voice as a weapon. You see, the ringmaster had an uncommon thirst for souls (bottled like wine). When exposed to those souls, Echosong accidentally lost control and destroyed most of the tent. The ringmaster said that it was only fair that Echosong worked off her damages to the tent. The young girl grew into a young woman, and at the circus she stayed. During her early teenage years, she had been a headlining act, “The Siren Who’s Echo Will Touch Your Soul”. After her few months of fame, however, she went back to being just another sideshow freak, another horse for the plow. All of the cast of this ‘Circus’ went through some kind of abuse or another (medical, drug, physical etc.) and Echosong was no different. After being forced to sing for hours on end, she was chained to the wall by her neck. Her neck still holds some rubbing scars, which she tries her best to cover. Echosong still is in ‘business’ with this circus, trying to escape.

Other Characters: Airen Adler[

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Syren, Echosong
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