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 A Heart Made of Stone

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Taka Miyazaki

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PostSubject: A Heart Made of Stone   Sun Jun 26, 2011 10:04 pm

Name: (any name you want)
Race: Light Eyll
Age: 25
Ability: He can withstand electricity coursing through his veins, in fact, he can even control it. As long as he has stored enough energy, he can use it as a weapon in a variety of different ways. But he either has to be around enough electricity, or have enough stored within his body. He can absorb electricity from generally any electrical device.
Weapon: (in picture)
Personality: Tends to be a bit on the quite side, but has strong beliefs as far as what people should and should not do. For instance, he doesn't belive an atama should risk putting themself in harm's way, as it would directly effect the rest of the clan. He only voices his opinions in the proper environment, and only with certain people he knows well enough who can actually do something about it. He hardly ever complains.
Past: His bloodline has served as protection for the atama's for generations, and he was raised to play that very role. He cares a lot about his people, just as his Atama, Iris Dimitriou, but often has harsher methods of going about things. Instead of protecting his people from any potential harm, he would rather make them stronger, so they can endure more without leaning on the leaders all the time. Though He and Iris often conflict with each other on opinions, niether of them ever overstep their respected boundaries, unless the situation requires it. He used to be quite skeptical about how young Iris was when she took over for the previous Atama, but after seeing how rapidly she grew up in such a short amount of time, his respect for her grew.
Other Pics:




(Add in as much as you want and edit whatever! Was too lazy to go into too much detail xD)
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A Heart Made of Stone
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