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 De Fray, Seymour

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Seymour De Fray

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PostSubject: De Fray, Seymour   Fri Jun 24, 2011 11:18 pm

Character Application





Seymour not only has strong senses such as smell, sight, and hearing, but he also has strong balance. Sadly, he is in no way, shape, or form, fit for combat. He was never meant to fight, and never will be.
He has always been good at entertaining people; both purposely and accidentally, but also, the pain of those around him is also his pain. He is a very sympathetic yet sensitive creature. He's also very talented at games such as hide-and-seek or any sport-like games that involve catching and throwing, but sports aren't really his thing.
One of his greatest strengths is also his greatest weakness. He may find sympathy for every living being around him, he's also too sensitive in the worst of cases. He couldn't hate even his greatest enemy, given that he had one in the first place. It's too easy to break his heart, and also too easy to frighten him. He also does not have much physical strength. He's a happy-go-lucky-kid and will always be vulnerable.
Weapons: Seymour's been known to throw rocks and sticks with pretty good accuracy. Pretty much anything he can get his hands on is a possible weapon. He'd never pick up a knife or gun or other such things.


Personality: Seymour values life in every way, shape, and form, even plant life. Though he doesn't usually voice his opinion, he believes that you ought to live with what you got, no matter what flaws you have. Everyone has a chance at happiness, and Seymour wants nothing more than to live out a happy life. But that doesn't make him oblivious. He can feel another's pain as easily as he can see someone in pain. It's a saddening sight for him, and no matter who it is, he'll try to help spread joy. He's also very kid, as any kid would be. He also tends to be very hyperactive, and often says, "Maow."

Likes: Sweets, friendly people, and bright sunny days

Dislikes: Rain, mean people, and loud sounds

Fears: Darkness or the sound of gunfire.


Seymour can't really recall anything about his parents, but he spent most of his childhood being raised in the circus life, which explains his odd sense of fashion. Some performers found him and took him in at a young age, and as far as Seymour knows, they named him too, but his last name is in no relation to those who looked after him. Anyways, he grew up around these enthusiastic performers, which gave birth to his strong sense of optimism and cheerfulness as well as his sense of humor. Once he was old enough, the ringmaster had him doing mostly dirty jobs, such as cleaning up after the animals, scrubbing the caravans, and sometimes even tending to the performers' needs. Even though he didn't like it, he didn't stay in that position long. The ringmaster saw promise in the boy, but not because of any particular talent. No, this man wanted to show off how different Seymour was from everyone else. 'SEYMOUR, THE OUTRAGEOUS FELINE!' was all he could come up with for a label though, and it was none too manly either. He'd send Seymore out on stage with the clowns, balancing on a giant bouncy ball while juggling anything from juggling balls to bowling pins. Seymour loved making people laugh, and his Hairan genes helped him with that. He only got the good side of his audience, he never experienced the kind of torment they'd dish out if these Anusia ever met him on civilian streets. But the circus was his world, and the performers his family. Not everyone liked him, but enough did for him not to notice. He was a star and a money-maker in the ringmaster's eyes, and nothing more, but the ringmaster was sure to spoil the kid whenever he could, keep him cheerful for the show. But one day bandits raided the tent grounds during a long exhausting tour, and long story short, Seymour was separated from the pack. This event also led to his fear of gun fire, or any loud noises similar to it. Seymour now lives on the streets of an Anusia town outside the castle walls. His abnormality doesn't catch too much attention, since his ears blend in with his hair if he flattens them, which has become a habit, but he can never seem to keep his tail still for very long. His Hairan DNA contains some genes of an ordinary house cat. But just because his Hairan qualities don't stick out that much, doesn't mean he goes completely unseen. He's still dressed differently than common folk, and his blue hair is also a rare sight. His cheerful demeanor in the poor neighborhood he dwells in irritates the more sour people around him.

Other Characters: Taka Miyazaki, Iris Dimitriou

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De Fray, Seymour
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