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 Alcotte, Haruka

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Haruka Alcotte

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PostSubject: Alcotte, Haruka    Tue Jun 21, 2011 4:41 am

Character Application





Sensory, hearing things from far away without actually being there. Feeling vibrations without acutally being there to know what is happening. This works in open areas or fields and or in someplaces that are not closed off. Sound proof areas seem to defeat his ability however which turn out to not be helpful.
Chores of all kinds, Agility, Throwing things such as silverware, knives, etc.
Eyesight, Heat of any kind including fire, Bright lights.
Weapons: He will use anything on hand, but his main of all weapon are silver knives or daggers. Which ever you prefer. He has a lot of these, so there is no worry of these running out. He likes these for he can easily hide them or draw them out when needed.


Personality: Mr. Alcotte is a man of many interesting traits, he is like his Vepran side being anti-social and distant but more of the time he likes to interact with anyone for it gives his life meaning or so he guesses. Stubborn and not good at taking 'No' commands well. He will wait forever and follow you around as if waiting to see if you will do it. Like if he tells you to brush your teeth and you do not do it, then he will follow you around and stare at you until you do it. Mysterious for he loves to tell wishes from stars each night and being gentlemanly as well as good natured. He is a friendly trying to always be optimistic guy. All of his traits and emotions are well interesting. When something is harmed like his friend, ally, and lover he will most likely get revenge for them. Also, he doesn't let his guard down for a second if someone is trying to be his friend or alley. He is always cautious as well as mature, at times.

He is a klutz when he needs blood and often times harsh. Dropping things on purpose seems to be the only way to see if it hits someone causing them to bleed. When sad, he will be depressed and silent for countless hours. When you talk about things he will interact with you. Reading and writing seem to be his thing. Mr. Alcotte loves to make friends and finding a lover doesn't hurt either but that is in the future. He also sees himself as a Prince like character and counts himself so, he also acts like a butler for it seems to be in his nature and or so he was ordered. Above all else he is a very nice yet charming kind of character, just try not to get on his bad side for he will do some damage no matter the cost to him. Calm, collected, and at times wise he is what others would call a rather cool guy.

His motto of course is, If I am to die I may as well die while spending my days having fun!

Likes: Chores, Cooking, Star gazing, and everything else seems to be good. He also loves the night time as well as walks at night and when it is cold outside. Snow is another thing he seems to like also, he isn't to picky really. Liking wine and blood seem to be his thing.

Dislikes: Heat and fire especially when he cooks he takes caution, losing his glasses, losing these may lead him to being blind and not being able to see where he is going but his sensory helps him just a tad. Upon losing these he tends to panick and will be reckless in trying to get them back, and being disrespectd not to mention being always looked down on. He also dislikes sunlight and will find shade going to the nearest tree, and when his friends or loved ones are harmed. Not to mention, he hates contacts for they irritate his eyes but will wear them for a rather new look.

Fears: Being left to die chained in a buring house, dying by being burned alive.


Haruka Alcotte was bred for elegance and manners not to mention looks. Being bidded on at a young age he never knew his real parents and being bought, by a Mafia and then being left to serve a women who bought him. To make things short, he stayed with them until he was 16 and was to marry his owner for it may make her look good to all the others since he was so good looking. Her father of course was against it and after she left he gave Haruka freedom. Being the man he was and thanks to his owners actions, she was the one that made him soft. When he first came when he was 6 he was not at all soft but since her raisings he became soft because of it. He wrote her a goodbye letter and kissed her cheek goodbye while she slept he left to continue on his way to find another place to call home.

Mr. Alcotte was then caught up in a rebellion a few miles from his supposed home and something hit him in the middle of his eyes which left him there out cold and awakening, his vision was damaged perhaps for good for all he could see figures. He could not see the peoples faces or colored but just white with line figures. He went to the doctor who gave him custom made glasses that were all to special or something like that. He left and of course he paid the doctor and left now knowing that he may be like this for the rest of his life.

Mr. Alcotte walked by a small village and saw a barn of fire and tried to saved the small boy within it but could not since he was held back. The boy died trying to save his beloved pet cat. He went to the funeral and paid his respects to the child. He of course then left after sending his regards to the parents. Haruka then traveled and becoming 18 he was took in by a town by his own kind who worked their own jobs to keep the small town going which resided in the woods. A week or so later a women named Misao who was 16 wanted to date him since she was abused by her husband. Not knowing what to say, he accepted the offer and went on a date with her. They became so close that she told him that she loved him which he didn't know how to respond since he had never heard anyone told him that. It made him feel good in all sort of ways and he thanked his owner from who left mentally for he wouldn't be here without it. Misao's husband was outraged and tried threatening Haruka who didn't flinch or say a word.

The husband left after the other workers helped stand up for Haruka out. His friends as you would call them were impressed by Haruka's calm collected nature. Haruka was on his way to work one day that he had gotten word of Misao's sudden death and was heart broken. He didn't attend her funeral even though he really wanted to, he ask his friends where her husband went which they told him. He followed the man and without remorse killed him. No one knew how he killed the man but it was rather harsh and was full of torture. Turning 19 he left the peaceful town of his own kind and traveling for a year he finally made it here and is now 20. Haruka Alcotte is now hoping to rest from traveling for a while and that is why he came here.

Other Characters: De Marchen Gostuv.

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PostSubject: Re: Alcotte, Haruka    Mon Jun 27, 2011 11:51 am

His ability will be what is stereotyped for Veprans. I have yet to go indepth with that though so you can simply leave it blank ^_^


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Alcotte, Haruka
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