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 A Golden Heart turned into a Black Heart.

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De Märchen Gostuv

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PostSubject: A Golden Heart turned into a Black Heart.   Mon Jun 20, 2011 1:39 am


~De Marchen Gostuv, Outkirst~

Märchen's feelings about friends never seem to work out very well. He has this trust issue to where he can't place his own life in someone elses hands. Finding friends to be a bother, and a leech which never seems to leave him or his troubles alone. Sarcasim seems to be his only friend as well as his powers, etc. Märchen, will however use people if they are worthy but if they keep failing, returning back empty handed, getting the job not done or anything else in that category. He will without a doubt kick you out entirely without any chances of returning, allies he seems to hate more than friends. If it is his own kind then who knows, he may use them and that is about it. Personally, he can't seem to keep a hold of anybody that understands him and his feelings along with his emotions and stress. Friends are just as worse as his enemies and in turn enemies are just as worser than supposed 'friends'. Getting to close to Märchen, may end up in painful threats as well as rageful arguments. He can't seem to trust anyone which places him in a really tight spots at times. One day, in the furture he may soften up but that is all to wait in time or else in the past he may. It is all to chance. He has no need for people who keeping failing, getting on his good side means that you have to have will power as well as proof of success each time. Do this and their maybe hope for you and Märchen to get close to being friends. All that he seeks is individuals who have enough power in emotion, strength, and body to accomplish missons and such. He has no interest in weak people. That is the truth, if you are worthy then he may soften up on you and that is all. That is how Märchen looks at allies and friends. This is all due to his meeting with, Iris Dimitriou which will be explained in the History. Due to this he can't seem to trust friends and or allies.

Märchen hates anyone who is dishonest and is willing to backstab someone in the end just for spite. Hm, sounds like he hates himself which of course he does at times. If someone takes something from him, he will strive very hard to get it back. Enemies are high on the hate scale for Märchen, including himself. If someone is to happy and or tends to be a push over and at often times to greedy for power is where his hate increases so fastly that no one knows when he will explode. Being like a ticking time bomb if he sees others having fun and or rubbing something in his face. You will have him as a enemy and the worse thing about this is, he does hold grudges. Some tend to stay and or better for worse. Which I mean worse, he always has a grudge. Märchen just about hates everything that may seem annoying and or threatening. Friends/ Allies and Enemies are some what all on his hate scale. He can't seem to let his guard down, which of course he never does. If you are a snob and or a bratty person as well as the kind who keeps thinking they own the world may realize the wrath of Märchen. It is like every little thing can make him madder than normal which of course, Märchen made himself this way and their is no helping it.

Märchen doesn't think love is real. He knows it isn't real all cause he blocked himself out from the world of emotions. Märchen, doesn't really have time for petty things such as love and sharing. This is what he hates the most, is happily ever afters. He knows they never happy since nothing like that happened to him. Märchen, has forgotten the ways of love and showing affection and mainly he doesn't remember how it feels to like someone. All that he knows that love, may never find him. In the future maybe, but now he doubts for he hasn't found anyone to like him the way he is or take the time in spending time with him.

Long ago in Spain lived a rather large family of Dark Eyll. One to believed to be Marchen's father reign among them. This being the time way before Marchen was born, his father was a man of at most strength and lust for blood. His name was never mention of course, all that everyone knew of his father was that his name was 'Hollow' and stayed throughout the course of time as said name...


Hollow was a man who ruled over the East side of Spain and this being a later back in time sort of deal. No one had the power and skill to defeat such a powerful ruler of the East. Dark Eyll swarmed to join the party of Hollow only to be denied and thrown out as if they were garbage. Hollow was indeed a man of power and yet something in his life of living was missing something. The Dark Eyll which of course lived in family followed Hollows each order and the order that was given was a rather shocking one.

"Seek out a women which can patch up this hole within my gray heart. She must have beauty and above else a golden heart. She also must be a Dark Eyll also."

The other Dark Eyll swarmed Spain of the East looking every nook and cranny of the East and finally they found the girl who was mention and taking her against her will they returned to the family. Hollow stayed in a tower and nothing more and upon hearing the arrival of the women he stopped and was bewitched by her.


She of course wasn't so bewitched by him. They were married a few days later. A year passed and Marchen was born. At this time of course, Hollow disappeared and was never heard of again. No one knew what happened to him. Akayla being the mother of the little boy felt nothing and leaving the family of Dark Eyll which also disappeared after Hollow had. Leaving everything behind she went to the West of Spain and there she left the baby there alone. She felt no love or anything from Hollow and thus left the baby. As she did so, run away criminals found the year old infant and took him in.

5 years passed by and Marchen was 6 years of age and was taught by the run away criminals how to fend for himself and everything else in between. Life of course was different for the 6 year old since he was still innocent and didn't know what he was doing was wrong. He hardly hard time to debate on that of course for it was survival then it was for survival nothing less. The months passed on and he lost his supposed parents of 5 run away criminals for they scattered after a commotion one rainy day. Running away and being caught by men in suits he was then given to traders who then gave him to a man who loved music of all kinds or well almost.
Being given to a man who loved music as well as treating him well. Marchen actually thought he belonged there with the man who was blonde haired and green eye, his name was never mentioned but that didn't bother Marchen. Until, his love for a women who was taken to the next step. Marchen thought that he may of trusted this man a little to much for he found a lover and wanted to marry her. Marchen being a heartless child due to his upbringing by the criminals met with the women and played along being a 'Nice' child and when she was on her way to meet the man to go on a date which of course he followed her, he pushed her down the stairs causing her to instantly forget everything and was rushed to the emergency home. Returning back he told the man about what had happened and the man believed him. 11 years later. One night, Marchen took his love for music to a whole new level and left home and came here and has grown up to be a rather distant heartless man. That was when Iris wandered off from home and she met him in the streets of Anusia town. Marchen didn't trust her at first but as the days and everything went by and she showed him so much kindness he actually thought that he found that perfect feeling of happiness and he was about to live with a bit of happiness in heart. Then one day, Iris's mother found her and was disgusted with what she saw and taking her daughter away due to her being a light eyll and him being a dark eyll, she feared that he would corrupt her daughter and was very harsh about it. Marchen had his golden heart shattered right after that for he thought that was why she was being so kind to him just to break his heart and laugh at him afterwards. Since that day he closed himself out and has let music to be his only thing that kept him happy as well as strong. Being 27 now his emotions and such have been made worse and he can't stand being with anymore people unless that they show their worth. Living here and being a Dark eyll and the ruler of them no doubt it is as if he took over his father's use to be line of ruling even though he never met his father and or spent time with his mother. His mother had amber red eyes while his father had gold. He took on his fathers eye color and sort of to be raven hair color even though he has a few white strands from his mother.
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A Golden Heart turned into a Black Heart.
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