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 The Wind Plays a Haunting Melody

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Airen Adler

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PostSubject: The Wind Plays a Haunting Melody   Sun Jun 19, 2011 11:44 pm


The closest thing to a friend that Airen had was the children she played with in her clan. She didn't usually stay around a lot of people, but has a contradicting need to have people around. Just because she didn't interact didn't mean she didn't like the familiarity of a clan. Airen would adapt well to having friends, as soon as she made sure that her new found friends just didn't want her wings as a trophy.
People who make fun of her or her theoretical friends. She is very protective, and will stand up for what she believes in. She avoids circus ringmasters or zoos at all costs, and will verbally and physically fight hunters. Anyone harming the environment has an enemy in Airen.
Airen never figured anyone would love her, mostly because of her wings. She would be skeptical of anyone claiming to love her, and probably not know how to react. Airen hates being set up on blind dates (her parents once tried and failed miserably). She would most likely end up with someone who can accept her, wings and all.



Lyra Adler is Airen's mother. In the clan, she works as a dancer, entertaining the masses. She is a generally carefree person, but doesn't like tying herself to too many things. Her animal is that of the vampire bat, and her physical trait are her ears and eyes. Airen dislikes her mother for being so carefree all the time. She believes that if her mother would actually take some time to learn what the world was like out there, then she might understand Airen a little more.



James Adler lives a fairly simple life with not so simple interests. Within Airen's colony, her father was in charge of all of the historical documents. These things, such as birthdays, wars, droughts, and the like were basically James's life. He loved his wife and child, but always seemed very detached. Airen doesn't have much of a view on her father since she never got to know him. His animal aspect is his feet which are formed like claws, and the feathers at the back of his neck.

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The Wind Plays a Haunting Melody
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