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 The Hunters game (WIP)

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Eros Urian

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PostSubject: The Hunters game (WIP)   Sun Jun 19, 2011 7:42 pm



Eros doesn't really consider "friends" knowing the one who turned on him back in his home. As far as he is concerned the only friends he wants are the ones that prove useful allies, and stay that way. But Eros is one of his word, and will not make promises he couldn't or wouldn't keep. Although "friends" are part of the experience, as he says. So maybe...just maybe, that will change
Those who hinder society and nature in anyway are considered his enemy. Despite his detachment from everyone else, he will not tolerate people who intentionally harm others, under the assumption that one day those people will victimize him as well as others. Because of his freelance lifestyle, if he wishes it, he will make a point of doing everything he can to eliminate an adversary. This is what he considers a test of his abilities, a game that he never intends on losing
Love? Even when younger Eros never took much of an Interest in women, even if some of them were interested in him. Nor is he sure he is capable of loving other, for doing that would be to put someone else above himself, as he's down plenty of that for a lifetime. But as said before he takes everything in stride, but for someone as cool, calculating, and cold as he is, this is very unlikely to happen.

The Urians and the Guard:

As Captain of the guard Eros's father had to place his people before his son. This left Eros's mother the only empathic figure he had, whom he lost during his teenage years. Due to the ferocious training of the guard Eros had a harder time showing emotion, yet throughout the training he saw how he was always expected to place others before himself, the virtue of selfless service. Soon he began to hate the very he was training to protect, reinforced after his father died and was replaced without so much as a word besides "business as usual" At 17 not long after his training was complete, he left. Unheard of by his people Eros was shunned and hated, being called selfish by not only his own friends, but what family he had left. Since then Eros all but represses his emotions, always reminding himself that he must survive, he must live, he must have purpose. And he will do whatever is necessary to keep it that way.

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The Hunters game (WIP)
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