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 A Heart Long Isolated by the Icy Mountains

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Taka Miyazaki

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PostSubject: A Heart Long Isolated by the Icy Mountains   Sun Jun 19, 2011 6:18 pm





Taka never has 'friends' but allies are a different story entirely. Anyone who she thinks can help her get the advantage is worth talking to. She never takes any step towards friendship, but instead she approaches things in a more business-like manner. She doesn't break any deals she makes and as long as her allies don't do anything stupid, she won't break any promises either. Depending on how useful someone is to her, she may or may not put aside any differences on personalities, opinions, etc.
People like Taka's father, who control a powerful group of people like the Miyazaki Weapons Co., are the people who Taka tends to hate. As far as she's concerned, anyone in a position of power has the tendency to be corrupted by the very wealth and fame their power provides. The hyprocrital lunatics who leave blood stains in their wake.
As if she'd ever leave time open in her schedule for a relationship. Taka has for too much on her plate to give love a chance, and frankly, she believes to be better off without it. Setting such high goals for herself leaves little elbow room to explore other opportunities. If ever a guy happened to take interest in her, there'd be a lot of neglecting coming from her, and it would be a difficult relationship to hold onto. It's just how Taka is.

The Miyazaki Family:

Mr. Miyazaki:

Taka's father, and head of the Miyazaki Weapons Company. A ruthless man through and through in both business and parenting methods. With such a powerful position in his company, he strives to uphold his reputation, and won't let anything get in his way, not even his own children. Most visitors notice that in the Miyazaki household, there are no maids or servants present, contrary to popular belief. Though the Miyazaki family is in fact wealthy, Mr. Miyazaki has never let that hinder him and his family. He won't allow anyone in the household to indulge themselves, and weaken themselves. He does this in hopes of strengthening both his children, though he uses some other, rather harsh methods as well. The very thought of ever passing the company on to either of his children disgusts him beyond comprehension, as neither would ever amount to anything as far as he's concerned. But it's never been his cold-heartedness or selfishness that Taka despised so much. The more and more she thinks about it, the more she realizes how much alike the two of them are. Father and daughter, who both despise each other, but are one in the same, and everyone around them know it too. It sickens Taka and shakes her to the very core. No matter the cost, Taka will always strive to overcome her father, to become better than he could ever imagine, and not to rise up to his expectations. No, she's doing it for herself, and nothing else.

Mrs. Miyazaki:

Although Taka's relationship with her mother isn't filled with quite as much hate, it is still an intensively strained bond. As with any mother possessing sharp instincts, Mrs. Miyazaki sees there's a lot more to Taka then most would believe. Not only is Taka's mother aware that she sneaks off frequently, but she also knows exactly how much Taka and her father have in common. She understands this so much that one could even say she fears what Taka might one day become. Nevertheless, Mrs. Miyazaki is equally determined in raising her children to become strong enough to one day fight over the company. She shares a common interest with her husband, and in some cases, shares equally harsh methods as well. She is just as determined to uphold the family reputation as Mr. Miyazaki is. Outside of her home, and around guests, She can come off as a very prestigious woman, who is graceful in everything she does, but in all truth, she may be just as ruthless as Taka's father. Between Taka and her mother, a lot goes unsaid, and because of how both her parents are, Taka grew up learning to depend on no one. Unfortunately, the same canot be said for her brother.


Haruko Miyazaki:

Haruko is probably the only one in the family who knows what kind of potential Taka has as far as creating weapons, which is probably why he feels threatened by her. As the oldest, he already is entitled to inherit the family business, but his chances can be shot down if Taka proves to be the more worthy predecessor. He's determined to uphold his parents' expectations, and beat Taka to the inheritance, so naturally, he would do anything in his power to both impress and gain his father's trust. Unfortunately, the more he tries to get close to his father, the more his father pushes him away. Haruko's talents mainly relate to explosives, so just as is the nature of his work, so is he a very direct man in just about everything. He's probably the only one of the family who has become isolated against his will. If he had his way, he'd have a very loving family and he wouldn't be afraid to speak his mind. Sadly though, that fantasy was never meant to be. As far as Taka's concerned, he's just a harmless, yet annoying, fly on the wall, and it would be ignorant to say her father didn't feel the same way.


Current Relations:


Allies: Eros Urian

Enemies: Her father.

Lover: None.

(Any and all side characters mentioned in shipping that is not Taka, is available as a character request for anyone who is interested.)
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A Heart Long Isolated by the Icy Mountains
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