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 Adler, Airen

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Airen Adler

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PostSubject: Adler, Airen   Sat Jun 18, 2011 10:15 am

Character Application





Airen is a rather strange woman when it comes to her 'ability'. Her animal side is that of a a large flying fox, a species that is not usually noticed or talked about. From her arms a membrane spreads and attaches to her sides, creating bat wings. (this will be explained more in History). Like a Flying Fox, she does not have the power of echolocation, and is actually quite useless in the dark. Airen specializes in kicks when it comes to combat, which she is rather good at. Other than her terrible eyesight in the dark, Airen seems to have problems with relating to normal people.
Airen specializes in various kicks and flying, as well as an affinity for music. Mentally, Airen can usually tell when someone is bluffing or just trying to take advantage of her.
Airen cannot see in the dark, she's basically night blind. She cannot relate well to other people, meaning she doesn't trust easily and doesn't know how to act in formal situations. Her wings are very fragile.
Weapons: Usually fighting with her feet, Airen doesn't usually carry weapons. In dire situations, however, she has some blades that she can attach to her ankles and feet, acting as claws that can rip and tear at flesh.


Personality: Airen is kind like any other Hairan, but doesn't trust easily. She is protective of her friends, and has a large grudge against her enemies. Airen enjoys flying whenever she has the time, and sings when she's alone. Although Airen doesn't have the ability to echo-locate, she has a pretty singing voice. If confronted, she will stand her ground, and very rarely run away. All in all, Airen is brave, protective, un-trusting, and has a generally 'if you screw with me I'll kick you in the face' attitude.

Likes: Fruit, Singing, Flying, and Practicing her Fighting

Dislikes: Apples, People Who Make Fun Of Her, Religion, Cages and Being Bound

Fears: Cages and Being Bound


Born in a colony, Airen inherited her parent’s genes. Her Mother had vampire bat genes, while her father had songbird DNA. Born with the ears and wings of a bat (not to mention the bat’s ruff coloring), Airen was an unusual child, to say the least. Growing up in the colony was simple enough, though. Wake up, eat breakfast, train, work, eat dinner, go to bed. Her parents weren’t really proud of Airen as a child, but they didn’t abuse her, either. She didn’t have many friends as a child, and preferred to do things alone. It was at the age of 11 that Airen first had interactions with ‘normal’ people.

Airen’s age group was taken to an Anusia marketplace to see how they functioned and worked. Think of it as a field trip, if you will. Most of the Anusia had seen Puran’s before, but found Airen a bit…off. It was on that day that a group of teenagers decided to pick on her. While Airen had wandered from the group to look at a fruit stand, the teens approached her. They verbally abused her, saying how she wouldn’t be accepted even in her colony because of her strange arms. Upset and disturbed, little Airen proceeded to kick them in the knees and run back to her colony.

Airen didn’t act the same around her fellow Purans, or people in general. She thought that she was a freak among her own kind, and decided to spend her free time alone. She was kind and helped when help was needed, but had an otherwise uneventful teenager-dom. There was ONE time when her parents tried to make her take a mate, but Airen refused so vehemently, her parents never asked again.

Airen now lives as a nomad, living in trees. She sometimes visits her colony, but usually only to trade.

(As stated earlier, I said that I would explain Airen's wing arms. Like a Flying fox, her wings are dark brown in color. The bottom of her wings starts just above her hips and stretches to the first 'finger'. Airen has a long bone that protrudes from her wrist to act as a bat's 'fingers' in their wings. Airen possess kind of normal hands. Form her knuckles, more of these bones can be found, and the webbing runs between them as well. Airen cannot move these 'fingers' unless she is folding or unfolding her wings. They cannot pick anything up and are fairly fragile.)

Other Characters: I used to play as Echosong. It is yet to be seen if I will bring her back or not.

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Adler, Airen
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