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 Smythe, Ivory

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Ivory Smythe

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PostSubject: Smythe, Ivory   Fri Jun 17, 2011 12:53 am

Character Application






Ivory's ability
Aim, Accuracy, and Knowledge
Sunlight, Fire, and Enclosed Spaces
Weapons: Bow and Arrows


Personality: Ivory has major trust issues and doesn't like being near others from it. When she's near others, most of the time she flees from sight and is hopeful she isn't noticed. Most of her kind is anti-social and stays within their own group but Ivory is worse than that, she doesn't even interact with her own kind much less others. She holds a strong sense of loyalty to her friends but is still cautious around anyone no matter who they are. She's sharp and attention plus she is pretty sly to keep out of most people's view. Though it still is possible to befriend her and if one does manage it, you gain a loyal ally. She is truly a kind hearted girl who never shows negative emotions unless it is necessary. A strong part of her carries dark emotions and they can be let out if something triggers it and if it's active, Ivory dark side comes out and she isn't afraid to turn into a killing machine.

Likes: Shadows, Books, the moon, nighttime, etc.

Dislikes: Daylight, Other creatures, fire, being harmed, etc.

Fears: Due to her past Ivory is extremely Arsonphobic(fear of fire), claustrophobic(fear of confined spaces), and Cleisiophobic(fear of being locked in an enclosed space). When faced with these fears, she begins to shake and is frozen in fear.


Ivory doesn't enjoy talking about her childhood, much less recalling it. She grew up in a small dark room with only her mother, Carolyn, by her side. She hated the room with a passion but never liked when she had to leave it since that meant it was time for experiments. The small room she knew about was one room of many in a large secret laboratory that studied Veprans and tried to enhance their bodies by using old forbidden methods and new experiments. Most of the experiments ended up in failures and they were only using the rare descendents of the original Veprans. Ivory has no real memory of what all happened while she was in the laboratory since the only real vivid memory is when her mother was finally killed by one of the experiments and they disposed of her body by burning it in front of Ivory as well. This caused her fear of fire to appear since it reminds of the way of mother was dispose of in the laboratory. One day, an explosion went off in one of the experimental rooms causing some of the Veprans to flee from the laboratory with Ivory being one of the them. She didn't care where she went or how far she had to run, she just wanted to get away from that hell. By this time, Ivory had no idea how she was.

Ivory came upon a village by chance fulled with her kind, Veprans. They welcomed her easily and treated to her tarnished skin. She was adopted by a set of parents who had their own sons, the Smythe family. The mother was kind and gentle like Ivory's own mother and the father was proud and protective of his family. The sons weren't too happy about the new addition and Ivory was aware of it though it didn't bother her since she could understand the fact that they didn't like the fact someone had just appeared in their home randomly, kind of. During this time, Ivory had sharpened her mind, learned to use a bow and arrow, and much more plus gained the trust of her older brothers who she learned were named Roylen and Blake. She lived like it for years though around the time she was probably 18, everything changed in instant. The scientists from the laboratory showed up looking for the escapees and attacked the village killing many of the residents in the process including Ivory's adoptive parents. Her oldest brother, Blake, found out that they were after Ivory and pushed the blame on her after the incident was over. He truly hated her and made no effect to hide it from her since he tried to kill her multiple times until her other brother, Roylen couldn't take it anymore and told her to leave which she did. At some point after she had left, Ivory was almost killed by fire and her emotions went haywire with her nerves broken. She doesn't know exactly what happened, but she woke up to being surrounded by blood though her own body was pretty much tarnished by the fire.

Other Characters: None.

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Ryenne Avon

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PostSubject: Re: Smythe, Ivory   Fri Jun 17, 2011 2:04 pm

Hello and thank you for registering at Kuroi Seken.
Before your character is approved, there are some
small tweeks that we'd like you to look over.

Please take another look at your ability, Vepran's have set abilities and all are the same--there aren't any 'unlike the others'. Otherwise you are all set!

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Ryenne Avon

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PostSubject: Re: Smythe, Ivory   Fri Jun 17, 2011 4:57 pm


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PostSubject: Re: Smythe, Ivory   

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Smythe, Ivory
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