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 Gostuv, De Märchen

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De Märchen Gostuv

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PostSubject: Gostuv, De Märchen   Fri Jun 17, 2011 12:14 am

Character Application



27MaleDark Eyll


Märchen's ability is a special one indeed, he loves enchanting others with his smooth tongue and admiring yet mysterious attitude. This ability is common for Dark Eyll since he tends to play around with people he thinks is a threat. His main ability however is making a music appear with nothing of a instrument around which means this comes from his common use of Dark energy that Dark Eyll use. This enables him to lure you in and other times away. It depends on his mood if he is in for teasing, pestering, and creating havoc for you or if he is rather displeased with you and want you gone. This music is very alluring even if you aren't even lured which is the bad part of this. Marchen's love for music grows all to strong through the many days of his life and since he uses this as a ability it tends to get the best of him at times. Marchen's attitude with this music tends to stay mello and not at all emotional for he shows none when he plays it. This song can harm those in a emotional way with personal feelings and often times it shows your dreams and goals shatter and that is all. Nothing comes from killing, is what he says even though he makes them suffer that they want to is the main usage of this ability of his.
Marchen can do just about everything in a house, which is his physical gain. Mental, he has photographic memory which places him in a 'I'm better than you in any way attitude'
Due to his nature of being a pest and causing people to suffer and enjoys it well, this makes it hard for him to open up and love someone. He hates to let to much emotion out and often times when he does he snaps or threatens the person in a rather brutal way, this also leads to him punishing himself afterwards, of course. This also leads to him never laughing at fun like activites and games along with spending time with others and often times leads him to be rather emotionless. Marchen only seems to think that it is better to being sarcastic than it is to show to much emotion.

Mentally, he can't stand people who are to happy. He tries to of course, but ends up failing. He wants to see everyone cry and frown but if he sees them laughing, hugging, showing eachother affection etc. Marchen will do everything in his power to make them suffer, only cause seeing to much happiness makes him scowl, and or sick.
Weapons: Marchen's weapon is a enchanted stick used to lead music in a show of music and talent. It also is made out of steel and is quite able to withstand a axe or sword. It is enhcanted for it is also attached to chains of which means that this stick is some kind of whip creation of which it looks like a stick until he snaps it at you. Mentally, he can't stand people being to happy only cause he was never happy with anyone, sadly he can't take it for it usually puts him in a bad mood and other times in a sad one.


Personality: Marchen is a sly man who loves to laugh at someones suffering or tears. Let us not forget begging along with praying. His smooth tongue which he was gifted with as well as his photographic memory has placed him in a rather interesting way. He is sarcastic, mean, and often times heartless. He would make a kid cry of kick a cat or dog just for fun. He also loves to make fun of people. Mysterious he always seem to speak in riddle like phrases of some kind to hide what he is really planning. His attitude was obtained after being alone constantly and being raised by no one in more specific terms. Marchen loves to speak to you in a odd manner always asking and never answering your questions unless he feels like it. Mature when he wants to be and loves to stay to himself most of the time and listen to his enchanting song. It seems he likes to stay alone and often times he will tag along with you, only to however bug you until you can't take it anymore. All about his personality will probably be shown throughout the course of time but rather that maybe hard for his moods determine his actions and emotions. Enough said.

Likes: Music, Ravens, Snakes, Blood/ Wine, Skulls, Night time, and everything else which is dark or the opposite of what others like. It more better terms, he isn't picky and he may just love everything then again it is undecided and is hard to say. More maybe discovered.

Dislikes: Happy Endings, Friendly to Friendly friends, and cute things. Often times, you will see him scowl but to what others think of things they like. He just hates to see people to darn happy. More maybe discovered.

Fears: None as of now, the only thing he fears at the moment is happy go lucky characters as well as friends. More maybe discovered.


Long ago lived a nasty group of abusers and smugglers. Amoung them was Marchen. This took place of course when he was really young. He was abandonded by his real parents and was betrayed by his friends, he had made a vowl to grow up alone without anyone to help him in his time of need. The group he lived with were a bunch of run away criminals in the far reaches of Spain. One rainy day however, they scattered due to a bunch of commotion and Marchen was one to run away only to be caught by men in black suits. Marchen was then took in by a bunch of traders and was given to a man who loved music and for once he actually thought that he may of trusted this man until he found a lover and wanted to marry her. Marchen being a heartless child due to his upbringing by the criminals met with the women and played along being a 'Nice' child and when she was on her way to meet the man he pushed her down the stairs causing her to instantly forget everything. Returning back he told the man about what had happened and the man believed him. One night, Marchen took his love for music to a whole new level and left home and came here and has grown up to be a rather distant heartless man. He remembers his time in Spain and he has used that to his advantage in life. In other words this is where he is going to start his new life, and due to his traveling and causing others to suffer he had pick pocketed everyone that he came a contact with and has been made supposingly rich though he doesn't admit it. His eyes turn red when he is angered, and speaking in a accent of British. His tongue has been made to be luring as well as horrible for those who listen for he will surely make every child, women, men, animal, etc suffer.

Other Characters: None, as of now. lol.

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Ryenne Avon

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PostSubject: Re: Gostuv, De Märchen   Fri Jun 17, 2011 1:59 pm

Hello and thank you for registering at Kuroi Seken.
Before your character is approved, there are some
small tweeks that we'd like you to look over.

Please take another look at the weakness and add one (there should be one mental and one physical). Otherwise you are all set!

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Ryenne Avon

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PostSubject: Re: Gostuv, De Märchen   Fri Jun 17, 2011 4:57 pm


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PostSubject: Re: Gostuv, De Märchen   

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Gostuv, De Märchen
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