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 Dimitriou, Iris

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Iris Dimitriou

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PostSubject: Dimitriou, Iris   Thu Jun 16, 2011 11:13 pm

Character Application



22FemaleLight Eyll


Iris's ability allows her to sense the lives of those around her. For instance, she can identify people she is familiar with, such as friends and family, before they even reach her line of sight. Her ability also allows her to sense the emotions of those around her, given that the feelings are strong enough. So if a being approached her with a hateful or even murderous attitude, Iris will know that said being may be harmful to those around him or her. This has its limits though, considering some people have strong enough minds to control their emotions, and thereby concealing their true intentions.
Even amongst her closest friends Iris will always maintain a calm and rational composure. Even in trying times, she will show no fatigue, no panic, not even pain. Concerning physical strengths, Iris has a natural sense of balance, hence the reason for the graceful way she moves about.
Though she's a very compassionate woman, this can also lead her to be too trusting, and even more so forgiving. When she crosses someone who can conceal their true intentions, she wouldn't be able to sense anything wrong, and therefore will treat them kindly, when in truth they may want to bring harm. Physically, Iris would be a weak opponent in hand to hand combat. She couldn't imagine harming another living being either, so she doesn't strive to make herself stronger.
Weapons: Nothing in particular, but occasionally she'll carry around a staff that enhances her powers and stretches her senses farther, making it easier to track someone when she's in desperate need.


Personality: Iris has been a rather quite person ever since she was a kid. She cares about nearly everyone she meets, and has always been insufferably forgiving. She never fully imerges herself into any conflict, and instead of letting loose her emotions, she looks for a solution or compromise to put the case to rest. She hardly ever judges a person based on the first impression, and it pains her when she sees another being committing dark deeds. Watching her bretheren dark eylls creating suffering in the world causes her great distress, but she will never show it, and she'll do whatever she can to help the Anusia that are in need.

Likes: Serene environments, animals, support from her fellow eylls, and rain

Dislikes: Confliction, fried food, and the dark

Fears: Letting others suffer, or not being able to save someone in need.


It's difficult to say whether or not her parents intended to raise Iris to be the woman she if today, but she was given a lot of freedom as a child, freedom she very rarely abused. Within her homeland, she never got a real taste of what suffering was like. She was taken care of by her loving parents, but she wanted to explore the world outside her home. She wandered off without her parents' knowledge and, long story short, she saw what dark eylls were capable, and she also saw the suffering some beings go through. She was never satisfied with simply thinking of her brethern eyll as evil creatures, but she still wanted to help those in need. Time and time again Iris had to learn the hard way about how malicious dark eylls can be. Over the years, however, she's learned to keep her guard up, but every now and then she'll slip up again. By now it only happens on occasion, and her compassion and calm composure only grew stronger everyday. Her ability to keep an open mind and find the smoothest solutions lead her to become Atama of the light eyll people. She cares much for her people, and although she feels strongly about helping the Anusia kind, as Atama, she will always put her people first, and will not act without the support of her people.

Other Characters: Taka Miyazaki

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Ryenne Avon

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Dimitriou, Iris
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