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 Azura, Ryousuke

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Ryousuke Azura

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PostSubject: Azura, Ryousuke   Thu Jun 16, 2011 10:52 pm

Character Application





Speed and Accurate Coordinate Calculation
Brute Force and Emotional Control
Weapons: Force Pack Centre Gunner Set and Force Pack Artillery Set


Personality: He is a kind slightly matured boy with no bloody presence of a killer beast towards anyone though that being said, he can just be as playful as a kid at times especially when he’s with his closest person. His height, the cause of having others taking him for a small boy yet of the same age or older though its not taken as an offense as he understands but disturbing at times. He truly love those precious to him and with the will that he had made in live that if ever one were in danger, he would safe them.

Likes: Machinery and Sweets

Dislikes: Abnormal Weather

Fears: Monsters


As far as it goes, this child had always been under the royalty since the start of the early generations therefore this is one of the child of those whom has passed down their knowledge upon. Within a family of 6 with all brothers including his twin brother, the eldest and the youngest which is 7 being taken care of in a motherly way of the retired mother while the father remained at work upon technology, artilleries and weaponary which would mostly be his creation of what he has the right to have a hold of.it all.

Meanwhile, the eldest had been in the process of gaining the knowledge of theory and practical work to ensure the generation shall continue onward towards a better lifetime as he shall be the one to most probally inherist the father’s business or should be said as their similar hobbies. Lastly, the two whom could be the closest of them all within the family are the twin brothers of the family.

Despite being young, they have more trait of their mother is what they have been told which usually brings up a confusion in their minds but truly their mother had been the one whom was experienced in battle and somehow it was passed down onto this two only and who knows what about the youngest but still, as there would be dangers at times, these two were really capable of doing their specialty of both creating and using therefore there had been no restriction of having them to show off whom they really are.

Other Characters: Azura Daisuke

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Ryenne Avon

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PostSubject: Re: Azura, Ryousuke   Thu Jun 16, 2011 11:03 pm

Hello and thank you for registering at Kuroi Seken.
Before your character is approved, there are some
small tweeks that we'd like you to look over.

Please take another look at your formatting. Your topic title should be Last, First name. The top of your application should be FIRST LAST name, and your username should be First Last name. Otherwise you are all set!

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Ryenne Avon

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PostSubject: Re: Azura, Ryousuke   Fri Jun 17, 2011 10:23 pm


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PostSubject: Re: Azura, Ryousuke   

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Azura, Ryousuke
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