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 Urian, Eros

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Eros Urian

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PostSubject: Urian, Eros   Thu Jun 16, 2011 9:45 pm

Character Application



19MaleLight Eyll


Due to an advanced mental capacity Eros is capable of manipulating and moving inanimate objects using nothing else but mental thought and sheer willpower. Highly evolved organisms however cannot by manipulated by his kinetic ability.
Highly Intelligent, trained in various Marshall Arts and in the use of many different weapon types as well
Being Telekinetic comes at a price, at times inducing in Eros massive and blindingly painful migraines that leave him very vulnerable if it happens at the wrong time, on top of that straining his ability cause physical damage in his own body, such a blood vessals breaking, internal bleeding (if the strain is severe enough) but most commonly bruises and/or his bones cracking
Weapons:Does not carry any weapons on him, often preferring hand to hand combat if necessary


Personality: Quiet and Observational, often taking time to study others and the way they work, preferring to keep out of conflict or a conflict of another when possible. Even though Eros has a relatively good control over his temper certain subjects will will cause it to flare. Eros holds an Elitist and sometime very Facist outlook on the world, considering anyone who hinders society or nature benefiting neither in anyway to be less then animals and deserving of nothing less then death and eradication. Being very forward and brutally honest, Eros does not mix well with those who prefer to deceive others or people who keep things to themselves, at the same time he is a hypocrite to some extent, while not necessarily lying to another, but instead merely keeping certain things to himself that he feels is not the right time to say it. Eros also enjoys learning and enhancing his knowledge in various subjects, especially ones that help him better understand others such as psychology, but at times using that extended knowledge to mess with others, be it infuriating an enemy to satisfying his own (if a bit twisted) sense of humor.

Likes: Any and all types of food, Fresh Air, learning in general, etc.

Dislikes: Anyone who he considers worthless

Fears: Claustrophobic


Eros was born in a secluded temple high up in the mountains to two light Eyll, living with a large group of other Eyll as well as Anusia and of course because of the mix some Sihuir, the surrounding village which they lived need cooperation in order to survive, everyone participated in any way possible to live a simple and enjoyable life that was at the same time strict and much of the time depending on the season harsh as well. While considered cruel by other people and even some of the temples residents, every child was to have no physical or mental deficiency of any kind. If one was found then baby would intermediately be put to sleep by a painless but very deadly toxin, cremated and the child's ashes used to fertilize what ground that could grow crops of any sort. At the age of 6 or whats known as the end of the first phase a child is given apprenticeship to a master based on the child's personality, skills, mindset, and even their abilities, the skills of that Master could have ranged from anything to Hunting, Farming, Trading, Healing, Development, and Combat as well as many others. Eros because of his Telekinetic abilities and his understanding of the individual mind made him apprenticed to his own father who was the captain of the the small but Elite and highly Disciplined guard that watched over the village and protected it from hostile people and beasts. The training for this Guard was very brutal and highly effective, the conditioning itself bringing Eros and the other apprentices with him in top form and of course he had special training with his ability that was vicious in its own right eventually causing him to have painful migraines whenever the ability is strained to much. Some though are scarred from the training, as the years pass, one of the components of the training was instilling in the apprentices the ability to stay calm and collected in any situation, one of which was being buried alive, an event that when Eros went through it lasted for hours, the small dark and confined coffin he was in almost driving him to madness, and even now Eros has his resolve and discipline crack when he is within a confined space. His mother died of a fever epidemic that passed through the area when he was 13 and because of their in ability to save her an event that began his detachment from the people he lived with. It was in those passing years that his resolve hardened, as well as his personality, some began to dislike him because of his sick sense of humor as well as an attitude that became more inconsiderate and selfish as time went on. But that was how his people saw the change, he himself saw it as him finally caring about himself instead of everyone else, his well being instead of it always being the well being of everyone else. While he understood the benefits of society and giving back to help it benefit, he slowly realized that there was nothing wrong with caring for yourself rather then everyone else, his logic being as he once told his friends "We cant save everyone, so why should we worry about everyone? Let's try not getting ourselves killed first." Shortly after his own father was killed after falling down an ice chasm after their patrol were attacked by some local Purans several miles outside the village. A year later Eros turned 17, the end of the second phase, this day marked the end of his training and was meant to be his initiation into the Guard. Instead though, before the ceremony could begin Eros announced he was leaving. While his leaving wouldn't necessarily effect their society in general, it was unthinkable that one would want to leave, as there were many stories on what was outside of the small world in which they lived. Many scorned him for his decision, calling him names, whispering traitor in the ears of others. Eros, with any love that he had for their home, people, and superstitions gone, left wordlessly, with nothing but a satchel on his back and no regrets in his heart. Its been two years since that solemn day, Eros has become stronger, his mind opened in ways he couldn't have possibly imagined, and as always ready for more

Other Characters: None

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Ryenne Avon

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PostSubject: Re: Urian, Eros   Thu Jun 16, 2011 10:03 pm

Hello and thank you for registering at Kuroi Seken.
Before your character is approved, there are some
small tweeks that we'd like you to look over.

Please take another look at your ability and choose one. From my reading, there are three abilities listed (telekinesis, near-mind reading, emotion reading). Please add another weakness (there should be one mental and one physical).

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Ryenne Avon

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PostSubject: Re: Urian, Eros   Thu Jun 16, 2011 10:24 pm


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PostSubject: Re: Urian, Eros   

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Urian, Eros
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