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 Miyazaki, Taka

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Taka Miyazaki

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PostSubject: Miyazaki, Taka   Thu Jun 16, 2011 5:22 pm

Character Application





She can work with a variety of modern technology, such as the weapons her father manufactures, but she can also work with computers and knows a little about medical technology. She does not, however, use medical equipment for the purposes of assisting injured or harmed patients. As far as physical strength, she has a tolerance for the cold, and she has also learned the of self defense.
The only branch of technology she tends to avoid is the branch that deals with explosives. It's not that she can't work with it if she has to, but she lacks the amount of knowledge her father has over this particular concept, and therefore it can be dangerous for her health. She also is not physically in shape. She's healthy, but in no way prepared for anything like hand to hand combat. She works in the shadows, where minimum harm can reach her.
Weapons: She doesn't usually reveal what she has up her sleeve, but she has carried around her own version of a tazer in the form of a glove. The threads can produce a small amount of electricity, but it still isn't as potent as a real tazer, and there are grips inside the glove made out of rubber to prevent her from shocking herself. Any other weapons she carries are usually from her father's company, or of her own design. Her style of weaponry is of a completely different nature than her father's, so it's pretty simple to determine which is which.


Personality: Taka only every shows what she wants others to see. For instance, her family truly believes she's an unmotivated child who indulges herself with the family funds. She does this in order to remain secretive, and to protect her own creations. She also does not hesitate when harsh methods are necessary. She looks out only for herself and a very select few. She's a very ambitious girl who hardly ever stops to smell the roses. She never takes sides in any conflict without some serious analyzing. Sometimes she may even work for both sides equally, for example, she theoretically could be a potent double agent.

Likes: Fiddling with anything considering weapons or computers, Chess, and cold weather.

Dislikes: Humid climates, impulsive actions, waking up early, and she very much dislikes her father.

Fears: Leaving her fate to chance, or in other words, risk.


Taka was born into a family of wealthy owners of a weapon industry, the Miyazaki family. Her father inherited the business several years ago, even though he was the youngest sibling. Taka's grandfather saw greater talent in her father rather than her older uncle. So naturally, her father looks for any opportunity to spark some sibling rivalry between Taka and her brother, who is about 3 years older than her. Her father is always trying to determine which child had the most promise, so he could decide who would inherit the business after his death. The rivalry worked out smoothly at first, and Taka almost never got along with her brother, but once the siblings' talents began to show, things changed dramatically. Her brother, Haruko, proved to strive most in the most destructive of weapons, mostly involving explosives. He had the same fiery passion as their father, but Taka, however, took more interest in the subtle tools. She had even bugged her own father's office once or twice, and at the age of 14, leaked some potent information to some profitable clients. She had never been reckless though, and innocent company employee's were fired for it. She started doing a bit of her own inventing at the age of 15, sometimes resulting in severe failure and occasionally a few injuries, but she always kept her work a secret. She had learned from her brother's past mistakes. When Haruko once invented a remote control bomb, her father took the credit for it and used the simple excuse that, "Haruko wasn't quite ready to be thrown into the public eye." Taka spends a lot of her time working in the middle of the night, and so she almost always tries to sleep in. Her parents, having no knowledge of what she's up to, simply started to believe she was a spoiled brat who lazed about all day long. Currently, the family lives and works outside of the Capital, but Taka's father has been trying to expose the city to the outside world. Taka could care less about the matter, but she does see her father as a corrupt man who cares only for money and power. The Miyazaki's base of operations is up in the mountain terrain, where very few can bother them, and snow dominates the landscape almost year-round.

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Miyazaki, Taka
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