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Ryenne Avon

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PostSubject: Shipping   Thu Jun 16, 2011 10:22 am


Shipping is where you can create your own template and talk about your character. In shipping, you create a new topic and can name the topic anything that you find creative.

Shipping is where you present what your character is looking for in friends, enemies, and love. Once you have posted your topic, other members will go to topics of those who they find interesting. From there the other members will think of plot line ideas between your two characters, from either the past or for the future, and mention if your two character would be friends, enemies, past lovers, current lovers, etc.

Shipping is NOT, however, a place to write how your character sees another currently. In Shipping, you do not write “we haven’t met yet, but I think we’ll be great friends!” Instead, you would write something along the lines of :
“I think that Uia and Aio would be strained friends. Maybe they could have been really close during their Kakato years and never left each other’s side, both first meeting in strategy class since they both have a passion for it. Now since Uia is a rebellious Anusia and Aio works in the castle, they can no longer talk to each other because of their views and differences, as well as their superiors who watch over them, causing a strain.”

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