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 Class Attendance and Assignments

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PostSubject: Class Attendance and Assignments   Thu Jun 16, 2011 8:35 am

Class Attendance and Assignments

This is where Ude will post who have attended their classes, what they have performed during class, and any assignments that they have given out. This is where your chances of participating in the Ashi Exams increases.


You will post your class, the date of your class, the time of your class (KS time please, you will not be required to add "KS Time" to your post if you follow this). You will also need to fill in what you taught during class (brief), any assignments (because Kakato can send these assignments to me via PM in order to earn extra stats), who attended your class, and any Kakato that are tardy (Tardy meaning if they missed any performance of spells or teaching of information, not 5 minutes of introducing what you will be doing)

Example of what Udes will post (T stands for Tardy):

Wulran Clan 11/14 4:00-5 PM
Performed Control exercizes.
Learned of Anusia Clans
Assignment: To write a paper on any clan of their choice. Information should include who is the current leader, the race that it consists of, a brief description, and well known/established members.

Alexandra Leoine
Cazz Valentine (T)
Lacetta Detenae
Raveena Slavic (T)
Sorrow Grace

Below I have posted a code to assist you in creating the format, although it is simple and you may not require it in your posts.


<u>Clan Date Time-Time AM/PM</u>
Performed/Learned __
Performed/Learned __
<i>Assignment: __<i>

Insert Students Here

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Class Attendance and Assignments
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