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 Leveling and Stats

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PostSubject: Leveling and Stats   Wed Jun 15, 2011 1:41 pm

Leveling Up and Receiving Stats

Stats are your ability to perform. The more stats you have, the more that you can perform and the more that your ability to level up increases. Stats and Levels are also a way to show superiority in battle, listed below are the ways to gain stats and level up.

Within every clan and town there is a common form of order. It is a tradition that has never been broken and remains the same. Every place as a leader and their right hand man. Every area has their workers and teachers, and children, too. In order to achieve a new level within your clan or town, you must compete. Everyone eligible will be gathered to a new Arena, where they will battle and be tested on their abilities. Only the worthy will be chosen, the others will be sent home. Below is a quick summary of each Level that you are able to attain. Levels cannot be skipped over, and must be in order.

An Atama is the leader or ruler of their clan/town. There is only one Atama in every place. Similar to royalty, Atamas are in charge of everything. This includes rules, where to travel, what to do, and so on. Everyone should respect their Atama, for they have earned their place. Atamas can either be succeeded by their blood or from a duel.

Second in Charge, a Kubi is an Atama’s right hand man or woman. They are trusted deeply by the Atama. There is only ever one Kubi in every place, and their job is to not only help the Atama, but protect them. If an Atama is absent, it is the Kubi’s job to take their place, but this is only ever temporary. If an Atama were to die and there was no blood to take the thrown, the Kubi would be next in line.

Mune are some of the most important workers in the town. They have a higher level of intelligence and strength, and are often set to do more important work. This work can include being in charge of a workshop to retrieving stolen or lost items from other clans/towns. There are a small number of Mune in every town.

Helping those younger, Ude are the teachers. They are those who train the youngest group in hopes of becoming the best of the best. The Ude need to be intelligent and understand what they are talking about. Not all teach the young, but hold wisdom for those around them. Ude have the option of teaching, or staying with their normal tasks as an Ashi.
Ashis are the hard labor group. They are who you find doing all of the dirty work around town. They are the ones who you might find in a workshop, using their hands to create every piece of scrap metal, or the ones hard at work in a mine. While the Mune are always the first flight in battle, Ashis are the second, not being as capable as Mune are.
The newcomers and children. Kakato are still learning their ways around their clan and town. They hold very little knowledge, but with the help of the Udes they hope to become bigger, better, and stronger.

In order to level up, you first need a certain number of stats. Your stats are determined by how many posts you make. Everytime you post, your stat number will automatically go up. Below is a list of required stats in order to participate in the exams for each leveling.

Kakato: Automatic Level
Ashi: 200 to participate in the Exams
Ude: 500 to participate in the Exams
Mune: 1000 to participate in the Exams
Kubi: +1000
Atama: None- Granted by Administrator

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Leveling and Stats
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