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 Member Group Descriptions

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Ryenne Avon

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PostSubject: Member Group Descriptions   Tue Jun 14, 2011 6:53 pm

Member Group Descriptions

Hello! Here below is a list of every member group that this website offers. A brief description is included as well, to provide you with a plot idea that follows with each group. Hopefully you will find one that if most suiting and ones that you like for your character to be part of. Have fun!

In The Book of Kuroi(religious like book)…it is said that the Anusia were one of the longest living creatures. They have always lived in extravagant castles and huddled in large groups. Anusia used to be social creatures, as the book tells a story of how they had shared their knowledge with those around them. Open and kind to everything, the Anusia were trusting and loved all. That was until they thought they were betrayed by the Puran. A clan had taken the knowledge that they had so kindly offered and stolen it for mischief and destructive purposes. The Anusia wanted no part of this world or the wars that the Puran waged, and closed themselves off inside large castles with walls that they build as high as man could see.
The Anusia, although they do not contain any physical power, do have a power of mind. They have lived many years due to the simplicity of thought. Fragile beings are the Anusia, having little defense against the Puran, Sihuir, and Eyll. To their advantage, rarely are they ever disturbed by the likes of others, keeping themselves distant from their surroundings with successful stone walls. However, in recent times, the Anusia have begun to expand. Many smaller clans have been formed outside of Kuroi Capitol, each building themselves to be more than just brains. Each clan is different, building on their ability of mind in unique ways. Some are training themselves in stealth, others in modern weaponry and some in the science hunting. These clans are growing larger by the day and, although fairly new, have been becoming quite popular and successful. When creating an Anusia, think of something similar to a human, ninja, archer, and more.

In The Book of Kuroi(religious like book)…it is said that the origin of the Eyll is unknown, and even the time that they came to the world is unknown. It’s thought that they are descendants of the above and the below, forced with feet to walk among the earth. From below, it is thought that they were sent above to watch the earth and learn the ways of life of the Anusia. To help them in their search for purity, the Eyll from below are there for help and assistance. The Anusia who sought this purity believed that by burying their dead they could be that much closer to the glorious below. From above, however, there is a different thought. They were sent down as both outcasts and with the thought to contradict their brotherly and sisterly Eyll from below. They enjoyed causing them trouble and mischief, finding enjoyment in tormented their relatives by corrupting what Anusia they could. Another legend is told of a soul who was stuck in the middle—perfectly split between the Eyll from above and below. This Eyll did not believe that they had one obligation, thinking that they belonged to both. In a result, a new breed of Eyll came to be. They were simple, but nature loving. Natural with both the good and bad, they fell evenly between the two. The new Eyll were at peace with themselves and others.

Dark Eyll

Also known as the Eyll from above, they hold many quirks. These Eyll have dark magic and dark powers. Each is varied, but very powerful all the same. They can range from wielding a fire mental element to a persuasive tongue that can convince anyone of anything, even shape shifting. However, there is one thing that Dark Eyll cannot do, and that is kill. They can cause misery and mischief, but they are unable to cast the last blow. Even with that, the Dark Eyll are ones to keep an eye on. Typically, Dark Eyll contain black or red eyes. Their skin can be white and sometimes red in color, with talons an inch long. All Eyll have the ability to cast a glamour, a way to disguise their appearances from others. When creating a Dark Eyll, think of something similar to a demon/devil, pixie, or fallen angel.

Light Eyll

Also known as the Eyll from below, the Light Eyll are very pure. They have light and healing magic and powers. Just as the Dark Eyll are, there is a large variety of powers but all are just as powerful. They can range from casting a happy emotion to adding life to something that is dying. The only thing that they can’t do is bring something back to life or create life—everything must come from something living and be transferred to something with some life. The Light Eyll are typicall very quiet and serene, but they can never lie. Their skin is varied in color, very few are white. Many are greens, blues, and even pinks. Theirs eyes can sometimes appear as one full color, and their hair is usually white or blonde and they sometimes have pointed ears. All Eyll have the ability to cast a glamour, a way to disguise their appearances from others. When creating a Light Eyll, think of something similar to an Elf, Faerie, or Angel (they do not have wings).

Spirit Eyll

Also known as the Eyll of the Earth, the Spirit Eyll are a mix of both Light and Dark. They are at one with themselves and nature. Their powers are strong and varied, but their powers are mostly over the elements. No power of Spirit Eyll is directly good or bad, but can be seen in both lights. Unlike their tall brethren, Spirit Eyll are very short. Their appearances vary dramatically between Dark and Light Eyll and can often look almost human besides a trait or two and their height. When creating a Spirit Eyll, think of something similar to a Hobbit.

In The Book of Kuroi(religious like book)…it is said that the Sihuir come from an Anusia man and a Eyll woman. A love story is what it tells, but one of greed and destruction. In a world without acceptance of other races and other clans, the two were meant to never cross paths. The man, a simple mortal, was in search of a new power. Hunger filled his eyes as he searched for something to make him stronger, better, than the others of his kind. A woman, creature of the forest, was desperate for a child that her culture could not bestow her. Her genes were everything to her, and she wanted to pass her beauty through the generations after her. Her eyes, too, were filled with greed. As the two crossed paths, they both feigned a liking towards the other, even when one did not exist. After a short time, they had produced a child—a mix of both Anusia and Eyll. This child was the birth of the Sihuir, who contained magical qualities similar, but weaker, to that of the Eyll and appearance to that of the Anusia. A combination of the two dominate races, no one knew just how fast they would grow.

The Sihuir are those who are magically enhanced. Sihuir may look like Anusia, but they have powers in close relation to the Eyll. Their abilities are limited to the basics, but incredible all the same. Abilities can range from something small, such as control over the currents, to something slightly larger, such as transferring small amounts energy into another being. Their abilities, however, all require something. It is impossible to create something out of nothing, and Sihuir show this well. Many rely on energy from elements, a very common but minor ability, while others rely on objects like wands to channel their own energy. A very rare few have unmentionable powers in which they keep secret. It is rumored, however, that they need neither the elements nor a wand and instead carry their magic on them as a physical object. When creating a Sihuir, think of something like a witch or an alchemist.

In The Book of Kuroi(religious like book)…it is said that the Puran were created by malfunctions and the mixing of DNA from both animals, Anusia, and (dark) Eyll. Through rituals, some clans believed themselves to be part of the animals and that everything should be shared. This included homes, food, and blood. The few followers of this group mixed their blood with that of animals and other races, slowly turning themselves into half of which they’ve shared. Their children have been passed on with these genes and continue to hold a new DNA from these old, and now forbidden, rituals. As a result came many races in which contain characteristics unlike anything seen before. The faces of animals could be seen to mix with the bodies of man, and the skills of a wolf could be found circulating through human flesh. Despite the mix, it was clear that the Puran were not human. All held physical characteristics, such as teeth and ears or even an animal face, which were never seen before. The Puran started to break up into groups, some staying with their own kind while others created clans of those who lived in the same climates.
The Puran, although diverse, contain strange physical powers. Some are known to contain physical traits such as fox ears, and have increased abilities in hearing. Others, however, are more severe. Within the Purans, there are three main clans and, although rare and small in size, can be deadly.

One of the clans is not deadly, all almost appearing Anusia, until you get a closer look. Their blood is a mixture of animal and Anusia. They have traits like animals, and clearly, too. Ears, noses, tails, claws, teeth and even fur, scales, or feathers. Hairan share close traits with the animals that they come from, as well as hold characteristics in personality similar to that of the thought-to-be animal. They are the most common Purans because back when the rituals were performed animal blood was the easiest to obtain. They are more friendly and are less likely to stick tight to their clans—Hairans feel more free to roam as they please (very much like their animals). The next two, dangerous, clans are not as common.

Second of the clans contains the blood of dark Eyll, as does the third. This Eyll has given properties unlike any seen before. In the second clan, there is no need for food or drink or even breathing—the Vepran were born without the need of organs besides a heart and a brain. However, there is only one way for them to sustain the life within them, and that’s through the blood in which carries their proteins and oxygen for their brain and replaces the old blood that’s within their own hearts. Vepran do not need to feed very often at all. They are known for their need for blood, too, and it scares many others. They however are typically anti-social creatures and stay within their group. They have the ability to travel through shadows (not very far), but they can also die very easily. Fractures to their skin are permanent unless replaced or healed by a Eyll. When creating a Vepran, think of something similar to a vampire. Please note that they do not have individualized abilities--only the stereotype listed above.

The third of the clans also contains the blood of dark Eyll, but also contains the blood of animals. The effects are very different. The Wulran contain animal-like qualities in appearance, but they can also morph into that animal. This, however, is both not controllable and the animal is differentiated into what would be considered mindless, as well as a gruesome version. Claws and teeth become sharper and longer, beaks become large and more pointed. The reason that they stay in their own clan is simple, they’re scared to hurt anyone else. Their clan can help and control these outbreaks, even calm and lessen them. Otherwise others could end up dead, or even the Wulran themselves could end up dead. Normally their transformation would be seen as a strong point in battle, but it is also a weak point. They have thoughts similar to that of an animal—none, it’s all instinct. But instinct is not about keeping yourself safe, it’s all about food. This is a disadvantage because Wulran cannot stop themselves and often end up dead. This is why they do not leave their clans. When creating a Wulran, think of something close to a werewolf or a shape shifter (but without a ‘human’ form). Please note that they do not have individualized abilities--only the stereotype listed above.


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Kaya Mayonaka

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PostSubject: Re: Member Group Descriptions   Sat Jun 18, 2011 3:12 am

would a hunter and or traveler be an anusia?
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Ryenne Avon

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PostSubject: Re: Member Group Descriptions   Sat Jun 18, 2011 4:17 am

It depends on what abilities you are looking for your character to have! There are no longer on this website those titles, so its best to start new with the descriptions above

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Member Group Descriptions
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