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Have fun being a knight, preistest, ninja, witch, alchemist, demon, and much more! Live in the center of town as a normal citizen or in the Northern Forest, Eastern Desert, Southern Darkness, or Western Waters in the world of Kuroi Seken.
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 Rules and Regulations

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PostSubject: Rules and Regulations   Tue Jun 14, 2011 6:08 pm

Forum and Roleplay Rules

Hello and welcome to Kuroi Seken! Thank you for joining us on our original plotline-based journey. Listed below are the rules to this website. The generalization of each rule will be posted in caps, followed by a short explanation for those who are unfamiliar with the caps locked term. Thank you all for reading and for your cooperation.

Forum Rules

FIRST AND LAST USERNAME: On this website, it is preferred that most stay in uniform. It makes it easiest if everyone has their First and Last name as their username, especially for staff members and the admin, for recognition. When you sign up, it IS okay to have your username as whatever you please, but upon acceptance of your character application it will be change.

PG 13: All content is to be kept at and under PG 13 Level. This means no sex scenes, abuse, excessive profanity (about once every sentence), teenage pregnancy, and so on. Anything above, and your post will be deleted and your IP Address will be banned. There are no warnings when it comes to this rule, with no toleration.

RESPECT: Respect all members. There will be no screaming, derogatory, racism, sexism, criticism towards gender preference, and so on. When it comes to respect, these apply on a certain level to BOTH out and in character. This policy will also not be tolerated, resulting in an automatic ban.

NO ADVERTISING: Just as the rule says, there is no advertising allowed on this website. Do not go around and PM others about joining your site, your friend’s site, etc. There are few exceptions and are listed below:

1. Facebook/Myspace
2. Youtube
3. Quizilla/Mibba
4. Photobucket/Deviant Art

CHARACTERS: You are allowed multiple characters. But, in process of making a second character, you must ask for my permission or go into deep detail when filling out the character registration template. Be sure that you are also not using a name that has already been claimed by another person. It is preferred if you choose/create your own unique name, to prevent confusion and ‘stealing’. Do not create a cannon character, and be waryl of relations with a cannon character; not all will be accepted. Also, second character can not be create and played by yourself, in order to give your first character more attention.

Roleplay Rules

STYLES: All styles of roleplaying are accepted. Paragraphs, Templates, Anime Roleplay-Styled, everything. But it is very nice if you can give a bit more detail or depth to your posts, so small paragraphs are appreciated by everyone.

NO GOD MODDING: God Modding is when someone’s character has the ability to do everything without limitations, restraints, hardships, and so on. They play the role of a “god”, someone who acts as though they are above all else (and being center of attention) which is not the case. Everyone can be hit, injured, and so on, but everyone can also dodge a few punches, etc.

NO REVERSE GOD MODDING: This is what I like to call reverse god modding. This is when you create a character that is so fragile, they are hit and hurt by everything. Emotionally and physically, they are in pain. This also attracts attention, making your character the center of it. Everyone should be on fair grounds. You’re good at things and you’re bad at some too. You cannot be god modding one day, and reverse god modding the next. It is unacceptable.

ACTIONS: Do not claim others actions, nor fully claim your own. If you are to hit someone with a spell, you must give them the ability and chance to dodge, just as they have to for you. Please be clear on who you are aiming your spell at to rid any possible confusion. Please be reasonable with when you take a hit or take a dodge, do not exceed your power abilities. (Ex: No one should be able to dodge a Killing Curse. Also, no one should be able to cast one.) When casting a spell in battle, please be sure to name it. It would be unfortunate to create spells that the other player is not aware of and have it overpower them. For simple roleplaying, such as in the library and grabbing a book from the top shelf with magic, a spell name is not needed.

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Rules and Regulations
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