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 Differences with the Russian/East Slavic and Bulgarian versions

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PostSubject: Differences with the Russian/East Slavic and Bulgarian versions   Fri Feb 04, 2011 5:03 am

* Serbian Cyrillic alphabet does not use either the Russian hard sign [ŭ] or the Bulgarian [ɤ̞] (ъ), or the soft sign (ь), but uses the aforementioned soft-sign ligatures instead.
* Does not have Russian/Belorussian Э, the semi-vowels Й or ў, nor the iotated letters Я (Russian/Bulgarian ya), Є (Ukrainian ye), Ї (yi), Ё (Russian yo) or Ю (yu), and are instead written as two separate letters: Ja, Je, Jи, Jo, Jy. J can also be used as a semi-vowel.
* The letter Щ is not used. When necessary, it is transliterated as either ШЧ or ШT.

Serbian and Macedonian italic and cursive forms of lowercase letters б, п, г, д, and т, as well as the upright (non-italic) б differ from those used in other Cyrillic alphabets (in Serbian ш is optionally underlined, where as in Macedonian is not). That presents an obstacle in UNICODE modeling, as the glyphs differ only in italic versions, and historically non-italic letters have been used in the same code positions. Serbian professional typography uses fonts specially crafted for the language to overcome the problem, but texts printed from common computers contain East Slavic rather than Serbian italic glyphs[3]. Adobe Cyrillic fonts[4] and the new Microsoft Windows Vista font family include the Serbian variations (both regular and italic) as well as a few other font houses.[citation needed] The letters can easily be implemented using Adobe Illustrator, for example.[citation needed]
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Differences with the Russian/East Slavic and Bulgarian versions
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