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 Unique letters

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PostSubject: Unique letters   Fri Feb 04, 2011 5:03 am

The ligatures <Љ> and <Њ>, together with <Џ>, <Ђ> and <Ћ> were developed uniquely for the Serbian alphabet.

* Karadžić based the letters <Љ> and <Њ> on a design by Sava Mrkalj, combining the letters <Л> (L) and <Н> (N) with the soft sign (Ь).

* Karadžić based <Џ> on letter "Gea" in the Romanian Cyrillic alphabet.[citation needed]

* <Ћ> was adopted by Karadžić to represent the voiceless alveolo-palatal affricate (IPA: /tɕ/). The letter was based on and adapted from the letter Djerv, which is the 12th letter of the Glagolitic alphabet; that letter had been used in written Serbian since the 12th century, to represent /ɡʲ/, dʲ/ and /dʑ/.

* Karadžić adopted a design by Lukijan Mušicki for the letter <Ђ>. It was based on the letter <Ћ>, as adapted by Karadžić.

* <Ј> was adopted from the Latin alphabet.

<Љ>, <Њ> and <Џ> were later adopted for use in the Macedonian alphabet.
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Unique letters
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