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 Serbian Cyrillic alphabet

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PostSubject: Serbian Cyrillic alphabet   Fri Feb 04, 2011 5:02 am

The Serbian Cyrillic alphabet (Serbian: српска ћирилица, srpska ćirilica) is one of the two standard modern alphabets used to write the Serbian language. Since 2006 it is the official script in Serbia. It is an adaptation of the Cyrillic alphabet for the Serbian language, and was developed in 1818 by Serbian linguist Vuk Karadžić.

Karadžić based his alphabet on the Cyrillic alphabet, faithfully following Johann Adelung's principle of "write as you speak and read as it is written" (Serbian: Пиши као што говориш и читај како је написано, Piši kao što govoriš i čitaj kako je napisano). The Cyrillic and Latin alphabets are almost entirely interchangeable, with the Latin digraphs Lj, Nj, and Dž counting as single letters.

The Cyrillic alphabet is seen as being more traditional, and has official status in Serbia (designated in the Constitution as the "official script", compared to Serbian Latin's status of "script in official use" designated by a lower-level act), Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro (besides Latin script). During the course of the 20th century the Latin alphabet has become more frequently used, especially in Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro.

The Serbian Cyrillic alphabet, together with the works of Krste Misirkov and Venko Markovski, was used as a basis for the Macedonian alphabet.
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Serbian Cyrillic alphabet
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